my new sniper record...
can we get 1 like!!?
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  • McCreamy


    • Emily Eberhardt
      Emily Eberhardt

      Tommo 3756 N,. .

    • Innosent Subby
      Innosent Subby

      Can I 1v1 u in sniping mcreamy

    • David Playz
      David Playz


    • trevor whittaker
      trevor whittaker

      My fav mode is one shot to

    • Team Step Bro
      Team Step Bro

      McCreamy I love your content

  • Frostedflake69 Okay?
    Frostedflake69 Okay?

    McCreamy: *plays ONE SHOT* *wins* "i didnt get hit once"

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez

    Did anyone else notice the guy that killed him with a crossbow had 100 health

  • Kimberly Tibon
    Kimberly Tibon

    I honestly have 24 kills ;)

  • Preston Rivera
    Preston Rivera

    One shot is also my favorite game mode to

  • Preston Rivera
    Preston Rivera

    Is also my favorite game mode one shot

  • Vivienne Rockett
    Vivienne Rockett

    The description 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Athin

    5:55 ive never seen any amount of people go anywhere! Stark industries: allow me to introduce myself

  • SmacKs.ψ

    I like the part when he snipes them

  • Kingston Cuthers
    Kingston Cuthers

    time to bring xd back

  • T Videos
    T Videos

    McCreamy I never seen this many ppl land at the same place Me Thinkin about tilted


    i did every thing you seid

  • isauce1 x
    isauce1 x

    best sniper in the world

  • Lgibbers

    Anyone else notice he was level 151 and then later was at level 150? What?

  • blue sky 100
    blue sky 100

    My dude teach me the ways

  • AviveQHD

    Imagine..... No one reported

  • Haze Fnm
    Haze Fnm

    someone get me the sing link he used at 3:57 pls pls pls im searching it from ages still cannot find it

  • Luke Gordon
    Luke Gordon

    yo what is that one song at 5:12 - 5:25?

  • AARAV 2_OP
    AARAV 2_OP

    Dodoeu is the best sniper

  • Qt Suhrab
    Qt Suhrab

    fearless is better

  • JJ Cortez
    JJ Cortez

    BEST UZloadR

  • kaylum vlogs
    kaylum vlogs

    Hey mccreamy I have been watching for like 10 months and I'm going in to a very dangerous surgery because of my heart and you have made my pain go away so just thank you for being here

  • lucaskevin19999


  • Ziggy Hill
    Ziggy Hill


  • Bot Bot
    Bot Bot

    Best f*cking sniper

  • Daniel Benston
    Daniel Benston

    Xd games mode 😂😂🥺

  • LittleJoey

    These vids are so satisfying.

  • EKAKSH 206
    EKAKSH 206

    5:50 18 people in which 5 are going authority! I love maths dude Edit:19 people including him

  • FEAR Stormyyy
    FEAR Stormyyy

    Teacher : class what did you guys learn today class : to not give a sniper to this guy

  • Big_Body_Appa

    the amount of times creamy missed an upgrade for his hunting rifle

  • King Star
    King Star

    Mccreamy: i'm speed Me : you are blind 9:28 Gold hunting rifle btw

  • 5k1tzy YT
    5k1tzy YT

    Omg!? I got sniped by mccreamy @ 9:02!? I ain't even mad 🤷‍♂️

  • Jeiden Suriel
    Jeiden Suriel

    Play Mike Jennifer go to full Trust online not play because it doesn't work for some reason it's so tomorrow I'm going to go downstairs and see charge then you can add me to know stuff that door me to your lobby and we want to go to my tobbies it's the same one so yeah one me one me so a ex added me I don't know what the ad so you can have me because I don't know how to so yeah I might be not in the game because tomorrow I had to take a bath then I'm going to go downstairs and check in my basement then yeah and I might be not there on my back there so I'm going to cool before 90 I can go tomorrow night so yeah 9 Hayter Nest setting you go to sleep in 1 shot when we want me I'm

  • Jeiden Suriel
    Jeiden Suriel

    Do you think you're better than me and sniper one shot one me one mean cyber one shot the island you gave me one so I can read books but you win I had to give you 100 on a hundred thousand v-bucks Army my for my username is Jaden 4212 add me

  • melissa loera
    melissa loera

    use code mccreamy in the Fortnite item shop

  • Jerremiah Ner
    Jerremiah Ner

    In 9:28 who guys got triggered when he did not get the legendary hunting

  • Fortnite Fan
    Fortnite Fan

    Why does everyone in one shot challenge Macreamy

  • Cracked Gamer 9339
    Cracked Gamer 9339

    Creamy, you always miss good hunting rifles

  • Charles Holliday
    Charles Holliday

    love you mccreamy

  • Martin Roberts
    Martin Roberts

    Get more mats

  • Shadowdragonboi Adoptmecheck
    Shadowdragonboi Adoptmecheck

    Did any of you notice that he gets loads of kills with this skin? (The one with the white hair and black clothes)

  • MR Blaze
    MR Blaze

    You are god

  • Ma. Teresa De vera
    Ma. Teresa De vera

    Your loping off

  • amin Pro
    amin Pro

    You’re fucking good

  • Rizwana Hussain
    Rizwana Hussain


  • Joseph Genda
    Joseph Genda



    Can he even lose in this mode

  • Crystal Clan
    Crystal Clan

    im in my zoom shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • time k1ller
    time k1ller

    4:16 As soon as he said "10 kills 40 left" , the 40 turned into 41 😂😂

  • Kash The epic
    Kash The epic


  • windsorite_89

    if you check the replays on games when you die to a snipe, 90% of the time the snipe dont actually hit you. Its stupid

  • Ashley Murray
    Ashley Murray

    Yo creamy ur insane

  • Billioninja

    I like how every youtuber from Australia is good at there own thing

    • Hawk 100%
      Hawk 100%

      Lazarbeam is good meme

  • Kyle Cho
    Kyle Cho

    Hiiiiiiiiiii random pople

  • RemFresh Gaming
    RemFresh Gaming

    I literally blinked and he had 18 kills

  • Hrd_on_60_fps

    Who’s here after he get his 32bomb with sniper

    • Bolt Y
      Bolt Y


  • Kermit

    9:24 u literally shot his bullet out the sky

  • Lil Tanish
    Lil Tanish

    You missed the gold hunting before you said I am speed

  • Jackson Van Beek
    Jackson Van Beek

    Are you Liam Thompson

  • ii UserNameMax ii
    ii UserNameMax ii

    Pause the press 9:28 do you see the legendary hunting rifle that he missed?

  • Justin Sainsbury
    Justin Sainsbury

    Where that of skill kate

  • KingOfAllnoobs _1
    KingOfAllnoobs _1

    I agree

  • Faisal Asghar
    Faisal Asghar

    People see mccreamy in the kill feed oh no

  • usernameEra

    McCreame the sniper god

  • 440HP

    McCreamy=best with hunting rifles

  • Tigran Araqelyan
    Tigran Araqelyan

    Why did he have 4 hunting rifles and used 1?😂😂😂

  • dumb fishy boi
    dumb fishy boi

    That was a golden hunting rifle... 9:28

  • Grukd


  • Innosent Subby
    Innosent Subby

    I wanna 1v1 mcreamy in sniping

  • Megan Sheil
    Megan Sheil

    Did you guys know mccreamys highest kills is 46

  • 1luft

    I was 3 guy you killed

  • Jake Taylor
    Jake Taylor

    Mccreamy actually has the best aim in the world

  • Everett Neufeld
    Everett Neufeld

    missed a gold hunting rifle at 9:28

  • Sabby M
    Sabby M

    I love how he cuts out all of his misses.

    • Josean Perez
      Josean Perez

      He doesn't

  • Justin Kwong
    Justin Kwong

    Me when I hit a snipe: OHoHOHhOoh McCreamy when he gets 10 sniper kills: goodbye :)

  • Ashley Barabas
    Ashley Barabas

    You miss a gold

  • Blazing Cyclone
    Blazing Cyclone

    McCreamy the sniping god

  • elxtriiq playzz
    elxtriiq playzz

    Middle left - 9:28 HE MISSED THE GOLD HUNTING! :O

  • dakotah debruin
    dakotah debruin

    I think your hacking

  • Artless Lamb
    Artless Lamb

    # Faze MCCREAMY

  • Cecili Cameron
    Cecili Cameron

    How are u so good at sniping

  • Doomsday Nation
    Doomsday Nation

    Mccreamy is one of the best snipers like if you agree

  • Detailed Kick
    Detailed Kick

    At 9:24 your shots collided

  • LZR Nova
    LZR Nova

    And wins the whole thing

  • LZR Nova
    LZR Nova

    If fortnite made a one shot World Cup Mcreamy wins wins every game Everyone not surprised

  • Makalo Thomas
    Makalo Thomas

    i wish i could snipe like him doe

  • Yaboywynstan808 Steve_lj
    Yaboywynstan808 Steve_lj

    U don’t loot good there was like 10 gold hunting rifles u walked passed

  • Shanti Gomes
    Shanti Gomes

    He knows he will swim faster if he didn’t jump in the water

  • Sheree Bee
    Sheree Bee

    do vids in mc creamy2

  • Buubz

    Creamypoo smooch smooch jk jk chill bro

  • DaEemah DeVold
    DaEemah DeVold

    i would be scared if he had a hunting rifle

  • GamerPro 123
    GamerPro 123

    Omg mccreamy does NOT miss

  • Olivier De Pauw
    Olivier De Pauw

    My favorite moment is when he hit that hunting shot

  • WarTG


  • Starkranger 1698
    Starkranger 1698

    Did you not notice the golden hunting rifle behind you

  • Ref cynic K
    Ref cynic K


  • Taylan Gallop
    Taylan Gallop


  • Army_Cam

    U did soooo good plz don't quit I luv ur vids

  • Raygoodevil

    look at the top right everything is on fifteen : 2:07

  • Zeyneba Kedir
    Zeyneba Kedir

    nobody: not even a single soul: creamy: GeT oUt Of My GaMe!!!