his first time playing fortnite..
this kid is awesome
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  • McCreamy

    like the video if you're awesome

    • Samson Fog
      Samson Fog

      Maaan ur evil😔🥺

    • Bobert Robins
      Bobert Robins

      Mau: McCreamy: definitely not Mau with a voice changer 🤣😂

    • Ted Awesome
      Ted Awesome

      Is popey still ur friend????? HE IS A SWEET LIL BOI NEVER UN ADD HIM OK?!?!?!?!

    • E and D gamers
      E and D gamers



      McCreamy nr

  • Misleading tales Official
    Misleading tales Official

    It’s funny how there was another guy in that fill game just sitting in the background


    If minions could talk they would sound like mau in this video

  • Demarion Richards
    Demarion Richards

    MY fornite name is yawdrichy

  • Demarion Richards
    Demarion Richards

    I am so late

  • Demarion Richards
    Demarion Richards

    ARe you sure it not voice changer

  • Noah Wagner
    Noah Wagner

    It's mau

  • Music 4 Life
    Music 4 Life

    I’m dying with laughter

  • Naung Min Thu
    Naung Min Thu

    that is mau with voice changer

  • Cyclingbee Van Vorhis
    Cyclingbee Van Vorhis

    0:45 just a little auto tune then you will be a rapping god

  • Diego Sumano
    Diego Sumano

    I’m dying of laughter 🤣🤣


    Who doesn’t watch muselk he’s the goat no offense mccreamy

  • Almer Jethro
    Almer Jethro

    Did SypherPk really unadded the kid’s friend ?

  • Los Hines
    Los Hines

    What 2 games thatmake u learn stuff call of duty never leave a man bhind fortnite fight till the end

  • PHAM-BAM 619
    PHAM-BAM 619

    The how did he get all the way over there part😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Mahma Hoda
    Mahma Hoda

    May is a legend

  • Clan Icon
    Clan Icon

    The kid called mccreamy who stream sniped was probably the other mccreamy

  • Cr4zy G4mer_801
    Cr4zy G4mer_801

    That boy was so nice 😂 he sounded cute

  • MiniMacGaming

    4:11 I agree

  • johnny malaki
    johnny malaki

    the more he stays positive, the more wins he is going to get

  • Gaming Gamers
    Gaming Gamers

    9:12 best of best

  • Your_MomMackVeee _
    Your_MomMackVeee _

    I like Mau with a voice changer more than his usual voice

  • Kiwi 4
    Kiwi 4

    He hasn’t moved in a while I think he might be sleeping😂

  • Tycails ray
    Tycails ray

    Can I join Xd clan pla

  • Maia Desormeaux
    Maia Desormeaux

    You know what would look funny if the fish was wearing a mask

  • Maia Desormeaux
    Maia Desormeaux

    Bro I love this video this kid is so sweet especially when he says that at least the fish doesn't have covid 19

  • Abril Maya
    Abril Maya

    this is your brother first time playing footnote

  • Abril Maya
    Abril Maya

    I liked video I awesome

  • Xdpwrjbk Alkuwari
    Xdpwrjbk Alkuwari

    Popey is like the best

    • Popeyeismydog


  • GatorPlays

    I shed a tear when mau started sobbing

  • No Name
    No Name

    Are we all ignore that kid is so nice like this comment if you aggre if the kid is nice

    • Popeyeismydog




  • Wilzon 360
    Wilzon 360

    Can someone report this video for high amounts of lying

  • Wilzon 360
    Wilzon 360

    Creamy : claims Moe is his little brother that has not won a game and is not Mau with a voice changer Me : bruh then how does your “little brother” have 181 levels? U r VERY SUS

  • Tania McFaul
    Tania McFaul

    Popey: does he bully you? Mccreamy under his breath: don’t you dare... Mau: yeah

  • Brody Curtis
    Brody Curtis

    Mccreamy I have watched this video five times

  • CJ Tagaro
    CJ Tagaro

    I love how he trows it out there like it was nothing. The Fish Is Dead.

  • Octavia Harden
    Octavia Harden

    Ali a laugh tho🤣

  • BruceBOI101 -YT
    BruceBOI101 -YT

    Mau: ima call myself lil moe Papeye: just don't name it 6ix9nine McCreamy: sniches get stitches Lol

  • sweaqyz elle
    sweaqyz elle

    Are mau your brother

  • Sheqiera Pratt
    Sheqiera Pratt

    Hey qween me I'm not at home yet so I'm going to text you back when I get home play me

    • Sheqiera Pratt
      Sheqiera Pratt

      Oh my

  • Sheqiera Pratt
    Sheqiera Pratt

    Can you give me can you give me a skin in the item shop Amy skin please I used to code in the item shop please can you give me a Stanley today please and I know you I think I know your username on fortnite can you text me back for that please

  • Alfie Smith
    Alfie Smith

    Mau is cute still

  • Alfie Smith
    Alfie Smith

    McCreamy ur brother is cute if it is not mau

  • Zoe Walters
    Zoe Walters

    sub to mc creamy PLZ #

  • Jeremy Henn
    Jeremy Henn

    I don’t like Ali-A mcCree me why* Popeyes* he quit beating me too much

  • John Lopez
    John Lopez

    That kid seemed nice

  • Tripp Gaming
    Tripp Gaming

    Great Job 👏🏻

  • DabCatDJ

    The real question is...... How does Moe have a OG skin🧐

  • Adam Langdon
    Adam Langdon

    I love the fact that he says this is my brother more who is definitely not mau with a voice changer lol sure it’s not I love it when he says OI OI! OOII!

  • Nascar play's!
    Nascar play's!

    1:19 dat face doe

  • Nascar play's!
    Nascar play's!

    9:11 now that's talent!

    • Nascar play's!
      Nascar play's!

      and the luagh after he do da music lol

  • Courtney Goode
    Courtney Goode

    Cute tho the voice changer is cute 😃

  • Morgan Clarke
    Morgan Clarke

    That season pretty much whenever someone goes to shark or grotto they have great guns then a green tac

  • Morgan Clarke
    Morgan Clarke

    Your getting him his first win when he’s over level 200 and has purple skull trooper

  • ZM plays fortnite
    ZM plays fortnite

    Mo sounds like mau

  • ZM plays fortnite
    ZM plays fortnite

    Mo sounds like may

  • Mark Lynn
    Mark Lynn

    Pls add me I'm a big fan connorjstone

  • Eva For Croatia
    Eva For Croatia

    Definitely not May am I right

  • sl3l3n

    I bet it is mau

  • James Ray
    James Ray

    Mau and Popeye sound identical

  • Tania McFaul
    Tania McFaul

    F in the chat for the fish 😭

  • ZTed

    mau sounds like a minion

  • Cryptiic Shadow
    Cryptiic Shadow

    Mau has an account that has the same name a mccreamy and the purple skully. Does that mean that he was the one that stream sniped Lachlan?

  • Galactus fortnite
    Galactus fortnite

    4:06 nice Tyler1 meme :)

  • Ehsan Zaman
    Ehsan Zaman

    More like playing fearless random

    • Ehsan Zaman
      Ehsan Zaman

      Unadded definitely from fearless random

  • Liam H
    Liam H

    Gg MAN

  • Alex Regalado
    Alex Regalado

    Hahaha so funny

  • DaRealBloodedYT


  • Deyaan Gajjar
    Deyaan Gajjar

    So funny

  • Brandon Aguayo
    Brandon Aguayo

    Hmmmmmm seems liget

  • xMukui

    Mau is fresh a mccreamy is lazerbeam

  • CertifiedŁynch -
    CertifiedŁynch -

    His Little Brother Sounds Like Theodore from Alvin and the chimpmunks

  • Flix弗


  • Eben Olivier
    Eben Olivier


  • xd SafwanBoi
    xd SafwanBoi

    Nobody: Me Trying to figure out how tf Mau got the exact same name as McCreamy: *Confused, Confusing, Confusion*

  • StrawBys

    So hi mcreamy i wanted too say that this isnt your problem but my sister used me for the shiver skin and she never wheres it i wish i had my 1,500 vbucks back but i dont :( cause i was too dumb but i was trying too get the banner shield but i cant get it :( but can you friend me my user is UnicornStar6703

  • Clark Landers
    Clark Landers

    thats funny

  • Tristan Aliff
    Tristan Aliff

    I mean popey

  • Tristan Aliff
    Tristan Aliff

    Poopey be like at least you don’t have coronavirus

  • yellow bros
    yellow bros

    who saw the joker in the 11th minute

  • It’s alienn
    It’s alienn


  • DominikYT Gubatov
    DominikYT Gubatov

    Bruh you have 200 ping lol

  • User Name
    User Name

    Who agrees that McCreamy should play with Popeye again

  • Ensio Jernberg
    Ensio Jernberg

    I may have the virus but your videos all ways cheers me up

  • Gaming with Abir 45
    Gaming with Abir 45

    Mau with a voice changer

  • Master Gamer
    Master Gamer

    8:10 amazing scream mau im gonna save that scream

  • Cyclo On ipad
    Cyclo On ipad

    Was he the one who stream sniped Lachlan

  • Michael Norbury
    Michael Norbury

    Yes sir

  • Jacob Murguia
    Jacob Murguia

    This is adorable

  • Bailey19761

    so funny!!

  • eZaF backwards
    eZaF backwards

    I have 5 be kills good job I have 1 now McCreamy:I HAvE 11

  • Rodrigo Paez Dorta
    Rodrigo Paez Dorta

    Do you play with sipher pk

  • MILLER.RYAN 88918686
    MILLER.RYAN 88918686

    Yes sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    Its mau creamy just made the vid for click bait

  • Juan Rafael Cabral
    Juan Rafael Cabral

    Its not nice to use your lil brother for a vid but its not really ur little brother its "mau"

  • zogling

    *don't you dare*

  • Bailey Warner
    Bailey Warner

    Why is that kid better than cweamy lol😂

  • Icon JAB
    Icon JAB

    I love that kid. I hope his life is going good

  • EdgyBear

    This Moe dude seems pretty good