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  • McCreamy

    what is your favourite weapon in fortnite?

    • CosMc Hero Costume Universe
      CosMc Hero Costume Universe

      Tactical AR

    • Johnnn

      Heavy shotgun

    • Flosela Valera
      Flosela Valera

      Fishing rod

    • ajb 121a
      ajb 121a

      Epic pump thiccccc

    • Luc van den Berghe
      Luc van den Berghe


  • uyti the man 35
    uyti the man 35

    8:29 the challenge:only grey weapons mccreamy:kills two bots with blue tack

  • GoodGame GAMER
    GoodGame GAMER

    Only joking no I’m not lol

  • epico

    Why I can't have bots in my games like creamy does



  • chloe and connor Rodriguez
    chloe and connor Rodriguez

    We now know that creamy can shread with any weapon i mean we already knew that but

  • Blake Goodman
    Blake Goodman

    Now ur a god at fortnight but why u play wit so many bots?

  • Anton Kietaibl
    Anton Kietaibl

    He used a blue tac

  • Richard Hand
    Richard Hand

    My favorite gun is purple tack

  • Anto DaBeast
    Anto DaBeast

    he really used the rust headshot sound my man

  • The Dumb Cookie
    The Dumb Cookie

    The only time you will use a grey pistol In all operation ltms

  • Mitch Townsend
    Mitch Townsend

    U got the worst lobby going

  • Jasper van Oene
    Jasper van Oene

    He killed the Same guy 2 times Sevarog3 8:00 and 8:30

  • Lanify

    Mccreamy: find a gray pump. also mccreamy: ah gray. Video title: these weapons are the best talking about gray weapons

  • Thomas Lindeskog
    Thomas Lindeskog

    Can we just take a moment to realise how good mc creamy is with normal grenades

  • Leah N-H
    Leah N-H

    My favourite weapon is the tommygun I ♥️ it

  • Pat Bentley
    Pat Bentley

    Pump shotgun

  • fornite clips
    fornite clips

    This guy was using aimbot

  • Hunter Fraser
    Hunter Fraser

    Mine is the gold pump


    Hey Siri how is it possible to dad for a purple skull trooper with gray guns only versus a squad with every gun in the game including mythic guns Siri i’m not sure I understand me you should understand because you’re a robot and should know everything Siri not true I don’t play Fortnite because I am a robot that helps people with things that are like 22+22 = 2222 Me it actually 44 I should be the new siri

  • StealthyKiller29

    0:27 is that sus

  • Shannon Noonan
    Shannon Noonan

    At 0:45 is meee haha

  • Quinton Perkins
    Quinton Perkins

    His trigger finger with the pistol is pretty slow

  • BH Zuka
    BH Zuka


  • Sweaty KK Raider
    Sweaty KK Raider

    Creamy always wears the purple skull truper

  • Christian Paquette
    Christian Paquette

    Gray smg

  • Scott Fredrickson
    Scott Fredrickson

    Why are you so good

  • ::《 X P K 》::
    ::《 X P K 》::

    Gs broo😎😎😎😎😎

  • Gabriel Jabbour
    Gabriel Jabbour

    Mine is aMystic scar


    Congrats on your 5M subs🥳🥳🥳

  • Generic Idiot
    Generic Idiot

    McCreamy is sooo good. He only had a gray pump and got a 27 bomb in solo squads!

  • Efe gaming
    Efe gaming

    bots only challenge

  • Clarissa Kelley
    Clarissa Kelley

    I killed three people in Fortnite with a pistol grey grey pistols or powered

  • Lily Elliott
    Lily Elliott

    McCreamys grey shot gun:122 damage. My blue shot gun: 15 damage.

  • Pixie-

    Grey guns are op

  • Jace Thompson
    Jace Thompson

    The only gun he didn’t use was the gray AK

  • Helix

    Bro why do u have so much bots? I never have this much bots

  • Craig Coe
    Craig Coe

    Is it jus me or did anyone else read the “grey ar next” as “ grey are next “ ?? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • LunarPrincess

    That Muselk ad tho “Cause gamers have skin too”

  • Scarlet

    Mcreamys editor: How many memes do you want? Mcreamy: ŶëŚ

  • Anyonoumous 234
    Anyonoumous 234

    3:13 MY EARS!!!

  • Jalib Siddiki
    Jalib Siddiki

    Plz play with fresh and lazar

  • Carlos Millan
    Carlos Millan

    Damn bro you just bamboozled everyone

  • Famikly YT
    Famikly YT

    Bro your pickaxes wasn't gray so you shouldn't have been allowed to use it as well as your skin

  • Drew Powell
    Drew Powell

    What are these bot lobbies

  • bucket

    How the hell did he get so many bots

  • Nazgul X
    Nazgul X

    McCreamy kills a bot McCreamy: you think you can run away from me?

  • Maria Baker Gomez
    Maria Baker Gomez

    i hope mccreamy is ok he barely talked in this video which is off :/

  • D A R K ツ
    D A R K ツ

    Lol why aren’t people subscribed for amazing content

  • Alma Castillo
    Alma Castillo


  • victor owo
    victor owo

    At times I wonder does he have aimbot

  • Mxracer 1102
    Mxracer 1102

    Anyone here watching while eating hard boiled eggs???

  • Winogrona389

    All of your oponents are bots xd

  • Cap

    I love the vid

  • Joel

    Who else is a big fan of McCreamy? 🤩 I’m Gifting Everyone Who Subs To Me! 🤩🎁

  • Tyler0218

    McCreamy: “Im already out of ammo!” Also McCreamy: *kills every knocked person with his bullets*

  • Aysh Maha
    Aysh Maha

    You bot cant run into a solo match to do the challenge but u went into a non SBMM enabled squad match and killed the bots YOU ARE SUCH A BOT JUST MAKING LAME VIDEOS IN ORDER GET PAID

  • Nik Playz
    Nik Playz

    I think he played with bot only and that he is a bot as well XD

  • GlyphicsNation

    Bro I want to get in a game with Mccreamy so bad, it might be challenge for me, idk.

  • samxy

    10:55 is that a bolt action sniper in season 2???

  • Brian Cox
    Brian Cox

    It’s been two minutes and already have 1m views

  • Anabelle Davidson
    Anabelle Davidson

    Y is everybody hateing on controller players like dang we have feelings to

    • INeed Ammo!
      INeed Ammo!

      Sargent fishy boi187 bro you are in the fishy army full of 6 year olds but i am subbed to tiko

    • Malin

      They just press cuz we got aim bot

    • Anabelle Davidson
      Anabelle Davidson

      @Sargent fishy boi187 ok I will🤓☠

    • Sargent fishy boi187
      Sargent fishy boi187

      IDK but learn how to spell

    • Leah N-H
      Leah N-H

      Controllers better PC at least

  • Egg-Di

    How the f@#$ is mcreamy good?

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man

    I just wish that he doesn’t become like ceeday and fe4rless

  • PapaG17 Yt
    PapaG17 Yt

    This must be custom matchmaking. Come on

  • PapaG17 Yt
    PapaG17 Yt

    All the bots MCREAMY comes against. Gg squad wipe All the real players McCreamy comes against. We like fortnite we love fortnite

  • oh no no
    oh no no

    Mcreamy:sees a bot Keyboard:not againp

  • Nicholas Rashidi
    Nicholas Rashidi

    My favorite weapon is the midas drum gun

  • Max 2074
    Max 2074

    100 % a bot lobby

  • Corn

    Heavy sniper

  • Bootyhole Bandits
    Bootyhole Bandits

    I actually think you play on controller now (your cracked)

  • iits Danny
    iits Danny

    U made me sad mc creamy I’m a controller player but I still love u and ur vids and I forgive u

  • Just some guy with a Mask
    Just some guy with a Mask

    Best guns in fortnite which one this one💪 or guns like pew pew, tell me in the comments

  • Katrina Heisler
    Katrina Heisler

    we may get aim assist but we cant edit build or anything thing else that u PC players can do

  • Shinichi Kudō
    Shinichi Kudō

    6:07 KittyCat80 6:14 KittyCat80


    Is it just me or was it satisfying watching creamy kill everyone with a pistol😂

  • Luc Reimann
    Luc Reimann

    Play with mau pls

  • 10k Subscribers Without Video Challenge
    10k Subscribers Without Video Challenge

    99% of the people he fought were bots 1% were real players

  • Luka

    Am i the ony one who have seen grey ak at the start of the video 0:12

  • Jarrod Playz
    Jarrod Playz

    Yo you killed me in This vid I was the one you called a cranker in pp gg anyway

  • ATS_3vil On Mobile
    ATS_3vil On Mobile


  • User

    skyes grapler and her scar

  • DUNS

    all of them are real bots they dont built when they get shot at

  • Henry jot
    Henry jot

    is it me or are grey pumps op i love them

  • yecloakey 07
    yecloakey 07

    Nobody: Phil Swift: Now that’s a lot of damage

    • Physma


  • EdanMunro

    Mcreamy we haven't seen a trick shot in a while

  • official.ant! ?
    official.ant! ?


  • Timothy Rexin
    Timothy Rexin

    double pistols

  • Harry

    Is it just me or does creamys screen look a little bit stretched

  • NotFeatured

    2:34 this clip made me subscribe

  • L337_Waluigi

    Me: omg 10 kill win Creamy: 27 kill win gray pump only *vapin'*

  • Alexiea

    It’s not the grey guns that are broken, it’s you my guy who is broken.

  • Noah Levis
    Noah Levis

    this is such clickbait

  • PutEmInABodyBag

    What emote is that lol 11:50 ?

  • Braam Smit
    Braam Smit

    You are very good in Fortnite. Can you gift me something. My name in Fortnite is Osj09 very please. Any skin very please I have zero skins so please

  • thor ayven2
    thor ayven2


  • The DeathShadow
    The DeathShadow

    The Ali a squeak laugh had me crying 😂😂😂

  • JX 210
    JX 210

    How many useless and annoying edits are in your vids. More than anyone can count.

  • Stxpid Shxrk
    Stxpid Shxrk

    *Pc players be like*

  • Cuohs

    “Don’t Lie who’s been a OG McCreamy fan?🍣" (ɪ’ᴍ ɢɪ𝙵ᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ 𝘚ᴜʙ𝘚 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ)🏛