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  • McCreamy

    only the ultimate epic gamers can like this

    • MythicCell

      Ah! What!? Controlla playa!

    • Peggy Kelton
      Peggy Kelton

      Welcome to my life on switch but mines broken

    • Getting the new oculus headset on cristmas WuW
      Getting the new oculus headset on cristmas WuW

      McCreamy im on switch and I can crank and edit fast also can u play with me sometime im a big fan of u also u should 1v1 fresh

    • Lewis Brisen
      Lewis Brisen

      There is a phone on 90 FPS while on Nintendo Switch we only have 30

    • v3rcxy Bro
      v3rcxy Bro

      Subscribe to pewdiepie

  • james remer
    james remer

    For me Nintendo is the easiest thing to play fortnite on ever. I’ve got over 1000 wins on it. And I edit like a noob lol 😂

  • Realized It
    Realized It

    Him plays switch for a couple hours and can’t get a win Me gets a win everyday on switch

  • Alish Kalikote
    Alish Kalikote

    mccreamy play free fire go to Google store and write free fire

  • Charlie Lindström
    Charlie Lindström

    7:30 OMG!!! Do McCreamy use AIMBOT?!?!?!?

  • Charlie Lindström
    Charlie Lindström

    Imagine cranking on mobile lol 😂

  • SUPR3ME Me
    SUPR3ME Me

    I play switch

  • Abe Abdallah
    Abe Abdallah

    if Nintendo actually had bad graphics and audio glitches I might not know because I’m so used to it

  • Tyler Hanson
    Tyler Hanson

    12:21 is a lol

  • DeShon Cousins
    DeShon Cousins

    My man using auto fire -_-

  • Rakan AlMaaita
    Rakan AlMaaita


  • Abdola Ahmed
    Abdola Ahmed

    And a iPad does 120 FPS lololol and stuck at the same season 😖😓

  • 4 Matelskis
    4 Matelskis

    16:47 WHAT IS THAT!!

  • Rooki_YT

    i cant belive i actually won 3 solos on swich

  • Jonah Trevino
    Jonah Trevino

    I play on Nintendo but I do play with a pro controller

  • Tiffani Booth
    Tiffani Booth

    I am a fortnite switch pro creamy and plus I am on my moms tablet and plus I am 14 years old and I am cracked at switch and cracking and I don't mess up at all good luck creamy big fan

  • Arturo Ayrrae
    Arturo Ayrrae

    Can y do a face reveal

  • Flavour

    Okay gotta admit it. But creamy is absolute Garbage at xbox

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson

    I play on switch

  • L.C 2010 gaming
    L.C 2010 gaming

    Console PC didn't matter to me season 1 just begun we were all nooby

  • Beausterbeast

    Why do people dislike controller keyboard takes years to learn all the cranks and just to swap your weapon ( also his arena is my normal Matches in PS4

  • Seamus Wagg
    Seamus Wagg

    Imagine playing on switch with serious drift issues. Yep that’s me

  • Meadow Stingley
    Meadow Stingley

    Mccreamy is the best

  • Danielle Glavin
    Danielle Glavin

    Use code creamy

  • Dennis Superfin
    Dennis Superfin

    (McCreamy) ''today we are going to win on ever platform on fortntie!!!'' (xbox gamers plus me) yea right, um you did not do xbox...

  • Alex Wiel
    Alex Wiel

    12:03 me wo also playing one switch and just got a 15 bom win

    • assault claps u
      assault claps u

      Once i got 20 bomb on switch lol

  • ꧁༺Klipixッ༻꧂

    i play on switch and i've destroyed PC and ps4 players

  • lucky one
    lucky one


    • lucky one
      lucky one

      You didn't win on xbox

  • Dylan Diaz
    Dylan Diaz

    Ayy that day you posted the video was my birthday

  • Χρηστος Νικολουζακης
    Χρηστος Νικολουζακης

    You didn't play in I pad

  • alnimation 16
    alnimation 16

    mobile: auto fire + aim asist = aimbot

  • *clap clap clap *
    *clap clap clap *

    notice how he has aimbot on mobile

  • Maia Desormeaux
    Maia Desormeaux

    Can you please friend me

  • Maia Desormeaux
    Maia Desormeaux

    Bro mcreamy you are the best fortnite player ever lived

  • Thai Howin
    Thai Howin

    I use my iPhone play fortnite is so ez bro I got a lot of win

  • omniscient

    How u make skull trooper to twerk like that tho?

  • Kyle Lodge
    Kyle Lodge

    I love your videos

  • Ok Ko
    Ok Ko

    Me who has more than 200 wins on switch: pathetic

  • Dark fire Ok
    Dark fire Ok

    You can use the pro controller

  • mar2D2 2215
    mar2D2 2215

    i always play fortnite on switch i was lucky with no drift and i am very pro and learned to play bad quality

  • Jeremiah Wiles
    Jeremiah Wiles

    I put you on a phone and I can crank 90s

  • Jeremiah Wiles
    Jeremiah Wiles


  • Blake Jeff65
    Blake Jeff65

    I used to play on switch but I am on ps4 now


    Other people play Fornite on Nintendo Switch too!


    I play on Nintendo Switch


    Do not disrespect Nintendo Switch!


    Please gift me


    My epic name is Jaxon Tesch


    I subscribed so can you gift me the Battle pass and the Venom skin

  • NEBULA _
    NEBULA _

    Who is watching this when iPad Fortnite is banned by apple

  • olvioltsu

    I watch this video with one plus.

  • Olivia &Vaughn Smith
    Olivia &Vaughn Smith

    Switch gang 👇

  • Dmitriy Shambra
    Dmitriy Shambra

    I play on switch and I have 39 solo wins and 300 duo wins

  • Jessica Fischer
    Jessica Fischer

    The one plus eight is $600 Yea no way

  • Julian Henryk Ograbowicz
    Julian Henryk Ograbowicz

    I am playing on switch

  • Aaron Morales
    Aaron Morales

    I feel geting the win in switch

  • Synt4xErr0r 7
    Synt4xErr0r 7

    switch isnt that hard, i get 2 wins on it everyday.

  • Bailey Robertson
    Bailey Robertson

    I can win a solo on Nintendo switch

  • mikkel felix åen
    mikkel felix åen

    My phone runs fortnite at 260 fps and 24 ping im a monster on it its a samsung galaxy s10+

  • G Wagner
    G Wagner

    Nintendo is so easy

  • MurphDogg

    My sister plays mobile and will destroy you mcreamy

  • Burrito Burro
    Burrito Burro

    Do u have to use atou Fire

  • Luka Zaicos
    Luka Zaicos

    McCreamy on switch 🤮 Me on switch 🤩🥳😂

  • randomo

    I'm 176 on switch I'll give u training lessons 😂😂 (But if you want, k'know)

  • No Name
    No Name

    Well you did uuhhhh good ish on controller and i used to play on ps4 now im at ps5 so contact me if you need help with console

    • Evan Humphrey
      Evan Humphrey

      Like he would contact you lol

  • Yoylecake Grissom
    Yoylecake Grissom

    Why do I eve play on neptendo

  • Voltz

    Mobile is kind of gone tho lol

  • Spletz

    Arena *’Bot’* servers be like: Goes to Solo *’Bot’* servers: McCreamy I love your vids, but I don’t like bot servers!

  • GamingWithBraden

    Me can edit faster than mc creamy on the switch I’m something of a gamer

  • Mr Wolfe
    Mr Wolfe

    I play on switch and CRUSH

  • H S
    H S

    I play on ps4

  • Andy P Davison
    Andy P Davison

    I think I’m in your game and I died🙄🙄

  • EpikGreed


  • EpikGreed


  • Jon Caldwell
    Jon Caldwell

    What do you mean it’s your first time your Literally level 108

  • The Shadow In the Night
    The Shadow In the Night

    Welcome to switch my friend crappy as ever my friend I am totally not Russian my friend

  • JBubba Gaming
    JBubba Gaming

    I play on switch, it is EZ

  • LoginToLogan

    McCreamy: the graphics are amazing on mobile Me: they’re horrible

  • Beckett Manton
    Beckett Manton

    This is why switch players should get more recognition XD (I play on switch)

  • Mr Donut 1156
    Mr Donut 1156

    When I played on mobile I turned of auto fire

  • Claudia McNatt
    Claudia McNatt

    McCreamy can’t even get a 20 bomb on bots no hate tho you are the best keep up the grind

  • Hulk Cagle
    Hulk Cagle

    If I did a 1v1 against McCreamy on controller I would beat him cuz I’m good at controller

  • Ccbrothers H
    Ccbrothers H

    I used to play on mobile, Nintendo’s and ps

  • Im A SweatDotCom
    Im A SweatDotCom

    What about a KFC ice cream machine?

  • Im A SweatDotCom
    Im A SweatDotCom

    Mobile has more aimbot than controller. Change my mind.

  • Dennycreeperboi Mock
    Dennycreeperboi Mock

    Im a god on controler

  • Razka Athallah Rahman
    Razka Athallah Rahman

    where is xbox

    • Razka Athallah Rahman
      Razka Athallah Rahman


    • Razka Athallah Rahman
      Razka Athallah Rahman

      if you dont have xbox just buy the controler and conect with usb cable or blutooooooot

  • Whiskers Kitty7
    Whiskers Kitty7

    You forgot Samsung smart fridge

  • Kolten DuBuc
    Kolten DuBuc

    kinda rude i play on switch and i feel hurt by my hero saying that "Switch is by far the hardest.'

  • Faze Ryft
    Faze Ryft

    I am on nentedo I am as good as faze

  • Tails Sonic
    Tails Sonic

    Wait did you play on PlayStation? Or try xbox one

  • Michelle Gonzalez
    Michelle Gonzalez

    Switch has to be the easiest by far he is just bad not to be rude


    Me play on swich I do better than you

  • Looner Kid
    Looner Kid

    We all know why mccreamy sucked so bad on console. It's because it was playstation.

  • Avoy ControlerBot
    Avoy ControlerBot

    I play on xbox with 60 fps One plus with 90 fps

  • Yousaf Gaming
    Yousaf Gaming

    His sniping skills are great

  • Yousaf Gaming
    Yousaf Gaming

    McCreamy:Can't play on Ps4 with 60FPS And low ping Me: Playing on switch WITH 30FPS and high ping

  • Eileen Arterburn
    Eileen Arterburn

    I play amenta Nintendo switch

  • Aviraj Seth
    Aviraj Seth

    Xbox is missing

  • Pedro Ruiz
    Pedro Ruiz

    I wish i can get that phone and my phone is trash. :(