new mythic weapons = overpowered
100% overpowered CONFIRMED
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  • McCreamy


    • EXTRA Willow yt
      EXTRA Willow yt

      You are the best

    • BH Barrow
      BH Barrow

      Darn it I can’t like

    • Super Mommy
      Super Mommy

      McCremy can you plz add me on fortnite You are my favorite youtuber

    • Ethan B Cool Boy
      Ethan B Cool Boy

      SPACEZ z.T

    • LazieBuddy

      Why isn't Mau in the video

  • hotdog

    Anyone else from the new season miss the hunting rifle?

  • Gabriel Nitsou
    Gabriel Nitsou

    What a snipe at the end

  • EXTRA Willow yt
    EXTRA Willow yt

    You’re the best

  • Seamus Wagg
    Seamus Wagg

    Mccreamy: names the video "mythic weapons=overpowered" Also Mccreamy: dies 5 times in a single game

  • PeashooterPlayz

    3:07 5:43 ? What

  • Walsh Family
    Walsh Family

    Epic should make a mythic sniper

  • Lil Cupid
    Lil Cupid

    daddy chill

  • Jessenia Melendez
    Jessenia Melendez


  • Andhrei Ipac
    Andhrei Ipac

    i like how he says headshot one even tho he didnt even hit the person yet]

  • Battle Royale Boih
    Battle Royale Boih

    WHY cant anyone respect the burst

  • David_ Lozan_49
    David_ Lozan_49

    McCreamy: 3:06 Also McCreamy: 5:43

  • Helen Roberts
    Helen Roberts

    Creamy i have a quick question for you. Would you rather have a gold spaz or a green hunting rifle? (you are litterally insane jarvis)

  • CK Badminton
    CK Badminton

    Cringe when he says really

  • Forest Brindier
    Forest Brindier

    All AR mythics lol he forgot

  • Rayan K
    Rayan K

    I Love mc Creamy

  • Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all
    Help this apple reach 1k subs for no reason at all


  • Timber Wolf2973
    Timber Wolf2973

    Bro bro anyone else notice the entire comment section is about grengren

  • Mark Cabrera
    Mark Cabrera

    They need to add a mythical pump

  • Tristan Ng
    Tristan Ng

    Creamy uses green charge: bro that shotgun is trash bro Later: bro the shotgun is nuts!

  • Keanu Daniela-Stewart
    Keanu Daniela-Stewart

    Creamy: Wait till the end to find out what happens Viewers: *Skips to the end Me: I know what gonna happen

  • JackDaChosenOne

    he killed / knocked grengren like 5-6 times in this video

  • Fortnite But It’s
    Fortnite But It’s

    He killed grengren 3 times.

  • Tre Rolle
    Tre Rolle

    Says the charge is trash wait till next season

  • UDOFIA Antonio Mfoniso
    UDOFIA Antonio Mfoniso

    All hail the king of snipers

  • reema Alhamdan
    reema Alhamdan

    like the video and subscribe to mccreamys channel and put the notifications turend on and use code creamy

  • Kazi Aamir Aryan
    Kazi Aamir Aryan

    Fortnite : brings hunting rifle to competitive McCreamy : *god mode activate*

  • Noah Wintle
    Noah Wintle

    creamy Best season ever Everybody else yup

  • Yuvi Gill
    Yuvi Gill

    Rip hunting

  • Matthew Gallipeo
    Matthew Gallipeo


  • Controller Beast
    Controller Beast

    Mr. Beast commented on my video !! Insane

  • Controller Beast
    Controller Beast

    Mr. Beast commented on my video !! Insane

  • Controller Beast
    Controller Beast

    Mr. Beast commented on my video !! Insane

  • Plusgeo

    I love it how he missed the cog and said that’s everything when the mythic cog was right next to him😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • Plusgeo

    Guys 8:33 8:46 And, 12:08 are when mcreamy killed grengren if u were wondering

  • Plusgeo

    Bro why is everyone talking about grengren when I only saw mcreamy kill him once in the final game?

  • Xd Evan M.
    Xd Evan M.

    now a 3rd time

  • Xd Evan M.
    Xd Evan M.

    you knocked grengren twice if that is his name, how is that even possible, he can't even be stream sniping you just got lucky

  • Xd Evan M.
    Xd Evan M.

    Even though the charge shotgun is very slow for shooting and hard for others to use, but it still does 220 damage

  • Faid Really
    Faid Really

    3:53 watch this video without context,thats how you know its mccreamy

  • Syed Jaafar
    Syed Jaafar

    How much money 💰 do u get per sub and creator code

  • Ryan McCormick
    Ryan McCormick

    overtime tweaks: hunting rifles are back McCreamy: best season ever

  • Muhayr Bille
    Muhayr Bille

    My epic name is prince-Muhayr

  • VideostarWithJack

    Mccreamy: I’m getting all the mythics Also mccreamy: well we don’t need the tommy gun

  • samurai playz
    samurai playz

    He killed the same person 3 times watch again and look at his kill count and find green gren

  • Amber Anzalone
    Amber Anzalone

    Hi daddy 3

  • Dr Lime
    Dr Lime

    Your insan

  • Triple Treeo Squad ,
    Triple Treeo Squad ,

    You’ve Eliminated German so Much times

  • samir lyukhudzyayev
    samir lyukhudzyayev

    Mcreamy: The new shotgun is trash. Also Mcreamy: The new shotgun is nice

  • madden 21 Goat
    madden 21 Goat

    1st game Mau:**carries mcreamy like fresh carries lazarbeam Mcreamy:hits noscopes to make up for it Me:🙂👍

  • Julio Mata
    Julio Mata

    Mau: hunting rifles are back Creamy:really

  • R Ganf
    R Ganf

    Plot twist : mccreamy was stream sniping grengren

  • Phrog LEgSs
    Phrog LEgSs


  • Polo Liddle
    Polo Liddle

    Can you add plz it my dream epic JustPlasmav2

  • weAK Andrew-YT
    weAK Andrew-YT

    And of course they vaulted the hunting rifle in 4

  • chloeplayz _
    chloeplayz _

    Me watching this in season 4 without tacs 👁💧👄💧👁

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass

    10:43 they were in xd damn

  • Punch 998
    Punch 998

    Pump or hunting rifle

    • Punch 998
      Punch 998

      I think pump

  • Cool Boy
    Cool Boy

    i swear this guy has aimbot

  • lazar beam
    lazar beam

    i am so sorry mcreamy but there going to get rid of hunting rifles in season 4

  • ItzMorayYT

    McCreamy: this is going to be the best season hands down. Creamy in c2 s4: this is the best season ever! creamy then realizes that the hunting is gone

  • The Gaming Penguin
    The Gaming Penguin

    He's happy that hunting rifle is back; Next season epic be like Ok people like hunting rifle GET RID OF IT

  • Nicobecoboy

    Who else is watching this in season 4 of fortnight

  • Andy Philpin
    Andy Philpin


  • Selven Govindsamy
    Selven Govindsamy

    Kit shotgun op sad it going tomorrow

  • Fizzy Soda
    Fizzy Soda

    No this is not the best season

  • Agame

    Great stuff

  • 2%_vendix

    did anyone notice that he killed grengren twice 8:31 8:45

  • Brayd0nPlayz

    McCreamy you should do a montage

  • JoshTheSkaterGuy

    3:06 speakin fax

  • Bellatina 142
    Bellatina 142

    12:16 "THE ENTIRE MYTHIC LOADOUT!" They forgot the org. XD

    • Aakanksh Kishore
      Aakanksh Kishore

      It’s aug

    • Allyssah Marie
      Allyssah Marie

      @Scuba burst assault rifle

    • Scuba


    • Allyssah Marie
      Allyssah Marie

      true dat

  • samiktech

    anyone can send me a friend request my fortnite name is XD_samikmvl

  • xd dx
    xd dx

    Imagine if mythics had infinite ammo

  • Prasannan Unnithan
    Prasannan Unnithan

    Look at 8:30 and 8:40 and 12:10 same person knocked

  • Suresh Patel
    Suresh Patel

    The next day overtime goes to da doctor because his shoulder was paining cuz of carrying creamy

  • Donoldduckpoops Clan
    Donoldduckpoops Clan

    Creamy that was AWESOME

  • Nick Miliopoulos
    Nick Miliopoulos


  • Victoria Koens Koens
    Victoria Koens Koens

    me when he said the shotguns trash BYE PEACE OUT

  • Borko Marinov
    Borko Marinov

    pls give me skin nik: neme is haze _clapped_you

  • Latifat Muritala
    Latifat Muritala


  • Naushad Ahmed
    Naushad Ahmed

    Charge shotgun aint trash it is just cuz you don't know how to use it

  • Irfaan Noor-Mohamed
    Irfaan Noor-Mohamed


  • tae Sexton
    tae Sexton

    Like how he said the new shotgun sucks and then he said it is the best

  • Oscar on yt
    Oscar on yt


  • Bandana Ayden
    Bandana Ayden

    Video idea when pumps came back mythic pump

  • Gabriel Valdez
    Gabriel Valdez

    F uh fjj in f

  • Tyriq Melcherts
    Tyriq Melcherts

    Creamy killed a kid named grengren in three matches in a row

  • Tyriq Melcherts
    Tyriq Melcherts

    The guy that creamy sniped with blue bolt is the same guy in the next match

  • Jules Official
    Jules Official

    What does ‘what the schuck mean’?!!?

  • alex maimoun
    alex maimoun

    What title should have been named:carried by tweaks in the new season


    Is it just me or did u figure out that u killed gore gen twice

  • Jeremy Pierce
    Jeremy Pierce

    This video should’ve been named “Tweaks carry’s creamy but we get every mythical weapon”

  • William Hazzard
    William Hazzard

    its like were watching overtime tweaks's video

  • Student-BSH Siron Noell Nirajuthan 4A
    Student-BSH Siron Noell Nirajuthan 4A

    O P

  • SimplyGaming

    are we not gonna talk about how epic that last vic roy play was??????

  • Kate


  • Kate

    McCreamy with 5 miythics : omg thats all of them Mythic burst rifle: Might as well remove me from the game if this hod at the game doesnt know about me 🤣

    • Kate


  • Drumsaltaweed

    If you are still looking for the battle pass, then i would recommend a guy named AKAKO on youtube

  • buddy brains
    buddy brains

    im a little confused i thought u said the new ahutgon was trash then u said it was nuts like what now my brain hurts

  • Jessica Goldberg
    Jessica Goldberg

    Bro me watching this in late August and noticing creamy calling the charge shotgun a tommy gun

    • Hashanah Fantauzzi
      Hashanah Fantauzzi

      Pleople call the drum gun tummy gun