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  • McCreamy

    only EPIC GAMERS can like this 😎

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      Cool Plays

      Your in Xd clan

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      Mr Blob

      @K1nG_Ahm4d heed

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      Jack Colpani

      I am more epic than epic games

    • Umar Qazi
      Umar Qazi

      Nope I suck😭😭😭

  • Ayden D
    Ayden D

    I like this video

  • Michaela Gardner
    Michaela Gardner

    Rainbow shotgun challenge

  • Vu Hoang
    Vu Hoang

    The best video

  • Flippin Simone
    Flippin Simone

    I know nobody cares but this is how I know I'm fat! Even my own brother admits it, he called be fat 😭.anybody got any tips how to get skinnier cause i hate how fat I am 😢😭😓😣

  • Michael Nunn
    Michael Nunn

    Nerds be like : on me on me on me on me

  • Thomas Evans
    Thomas Evans

    McCreamy screaming😂😂😂

  • Coolk1d TV
    Coolk1d TV

    Mcreamy it’s gold green blue purple

  • Coolk1d TV
    Coolk1d TV

    2:14 are you constipated lol

  • Natalie Coffison
    Natalie Coffison

    🤖 we sorry mate #

  • Natalie Coffison
    Natalie Coffison

    You’ll all ways be a epic aim bitter🥶 dam i Berns you from cold to hot 😡 rag quit💀👻💀 don’t worry I’m cut

  • Jaden Venes
    Jaden Venes

    Rainbow should be a real rarity that is like mythic but more available but less powerful by a little than a mythic

  • Gabrielle Thomas
    Gabrielle Thomas

    Hunting rifle only? I thought it was hunting rifle and choppa challenge

  • Charles Théberge
    Charles Théberge

    Meccreamy do his coming out

  • Charles Théberge
    Charles Théberge

    Mccremy don’t his coming out

  • Conner Gray
    Conner Gray

    U are a good singer

  • Alan Charles Gomis
    Alan Charles Gomis

    Imagine getting killed and casually spectating this

  • Skaiva Br
    Skaiva Br

    How much accents did you do

  • Ole Magne
    Ole Magne

    Only volte wepaens

  • Alvin Gren
    Alvin Gren

    8:44 dat scream tho

  • BBH Baker
    BBH Baker

    They need to make an mythical hunting rifle!

  • nihal hiremath_123
    nihal hiremath_123

    I liked when he used the hunting rifle

  • Chanz Wong
    Chanz Wong

    When u think charge is the best camp weapon...

  • TTV_Clapzy4530

    my friends think im hacking because i find 1 or 2 llamas every single game thanks mccreamy

  • David cantaragiu
    David cantaragiu

    Who else is watching this after the hunting rifles are out of the game?

  • Amy27 Uocp0
    Amy27 Uocp0

    “winning using only my arrow keys...” please like so he can see, I’ve posted this on the past few vids so help this challenge happen!

  • Amy27 Uocp0
    Amy27 Uocp0

    someone: how many hunting rifles do you want creamy: yes.

  • Aron Gjini
    Aron Gjini

    I just got rejected

  • Ebrahim Uddin
    Ebrahim Uddin

    McCreamy:hits every shot with hunting rifle and says it’s the best Me: missed every shot THIS GUN IS SOOO BAD I NEVR USE IT AGAIN


    Anyone else miss the hunting rifle in chapter 2 season 4? Cuzz I do ;(

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez


  • Owen Koser
    Owen Koser

    do this same challenge, but you can't shoot until you get all rarities, and every shot you have to reload and switch to the higher rarity (either go to the left or right on your hotbar)

  • Kayla Campbell
    Kayla Campbell

    Creamy I want to one 1v1 you

  • Zakadis Holloway
    Zakadis Holloway

    oniy eplc gamers can like this

  • TdoeFn

    Season 3= McCreamy season

  • Logan LaBrosse
    Logan LaBrosse

    Hi I just want to say thank you

  • Jawad Awawda
    Jawad Awawda

    I have a challenge pickaxe only

  • Mackenzie Collins
    Mackenzie Collins

    What is your name?

  • Mackenzie Collins
    Mackenzie Collins

    I love your videos.

  • Liam Abbruzzese
    Liam Abbruzzese

    Can you relly your fase

  • girlgroupstan

    i miss the hunting rifle :(

  • GojiraFan05

    I was going to say you can’t do this cuz there’s no grey but then I remembered rainbows don’t have grey in them

  • Thirdy Ibarreta
    Thirdy Ibarreta

    Video idea no building chalenge

  • Jacob 76
    Jacob 76

    I like it

  • Benjamin Bashford
    Benjamin Bashford

    100% color blind challenge (Like so he can see)

  • Joe Maiolo
    Joe Maiolo

    do u have aimbot creamy ??

  • Devil Zane Metsu Uchiha
    Devil Zane Metsu Uchiha

    I miss this gun indeed

  • Srihari Anandh
    Srihari Anandh

    U copied lazar beam tho it was good

  • Liam Vines
    Liam Vines

    Challenge vid get a win with no sniper

  • Noah Wisell
    Noah Wisell

    hi i subscribed

  • Louie M
    Louie M

    Use code creamy

  • game taser
    game taser

    Can I join XD clan


    anybody here after all hunting rifles got removed

    • girlgroupstan

      meeeee i miss that gun so much

  • felicity campan
    felicity campan

    I can’t join XD clan

  • PrOFfesSEr _S
    PrOFfesSEr _S

    Homie got that aimbot

  • Colten Ryder
    Colten Ryder

    i love you mccreamy i really want to friend you. my epic user is Jparsh07 or CopycatPlanet41

  • Jayda Slade
    Jayda Slade

    Why are u so funny i dont get it-

  • Sathwik Reddy Thota
    Sathwik Reddy Thota

    That’s my brother who killed you at the 10

  • Pranav

    Whose here after hunting rifles have been vaulted !?

  • Flax Runkle
    Flax Runkle

    rip hunting rifle

  • Grant Westhoff
    Grant Westhoff

    R.i.p. hunting rifle

  • Rebecca Sims
    Rebecca Sims

    How do I join xd clan ?

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed

    McCreamy:I hit no scopes Fe4r: BOIII I HIT THE SNIPES btw !McCreamy no hate ʘ‿ʘ

  • Raphael's Epic Stuff
    Raphael's Epic Stuff

    Deadeye maruader:Daniel Mcreamy:the cooler Daniel

  • Jake Woodrow
    Jake Woodrow



    McCreamy :this gun is the best gun in the game Normal players: this is the worst gun in the game

  • Aimloqr

    Do a one gun hunting rifle challenge

  • Lightning Striker
    Lightning Striker

    Rainbow pump challenge

  • harald karu
    harald karu

    7.09 haw haw

  • Declan BoY
    Declan BoY

    Season 5 new mythic weapon: mr.cream’s mythic hunting rifle

  • Hugo Mohandessi
    Hugo Mohandessi

    this was so cool

  • phil stansfield
    phil stansfield

    Me:Has best guns in the game but cant win McCreamy:Hold my hunting rifle

  • Nixon Hastings
    Nixon Hastings

    I noticed that every time somebody had shield you hit head shots

  • niclas tjore
    niclas tjore

    i love ur vids ur my favorite youtuber plz add me nicky-_-tjore im useing ur creator code

  • Lora Henson
    Lora Henson

    McCremy mythic hunting rifle :kills 100

  • FutureSaturn55_Toast

    Ya never know how much you miss it until it’s gone... rip hunting rifle.

  • Skeletron Prime
    Skeletron Prime

    He was literally teamed on, ran out of mats and only had hunting rifles and STILL won.

  • GamerLiam

    I’m a big EPIC GAMER😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • James Ng
    James Ng

    Rip launch pads

  • Hamish Key
    Hamish Key

    when he gets the purple and gold rarity hunting rifle: yes!!! Green and blue: unused.

  • Toby Wheatley
    Toby Wheatley

    Creamy: breathes Defaults: ah shit, here we go again

  • illumina

    Guess im an epic gamer

  • Lil Will
    Lil Will

    R.I.P hunting rifle

  • Jorge Mancilla-Lucio
    Jorge Mancilla-Lucio


  • Void X0X
    Void X0X

    Can I do it I have a channel love you content

  • SethyBoi51 _YT
    SethyBoi51 _YT

    RIP hunting rifle D:

    • Keliahiscool E
      Keliahiscool E

      MAGTANONG, Seth sad :((

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat

    R.I.P hunting rifle 😭🤧

    • Keliahiscool E
      Keliahiscool E


    • mmvb 4000
      mmvb 4000


  • Mr Salad Boy
    Mr Salad Boy

    Fs in the chat for hunting rifle

  • Erik 20
    Erik 20

    When i see your videos, like this one, my mind says "mhm mhn HE IS BETTER THAN MOONGRAL

  • Arianny Madison
    Arianny Madison

    video idea letting Lazer beam control my game

  • Aidan Leenhouts
    Aidan Leenhouts

    Im an xd og since start of season 5

  • William Lamshed
    William Lamshed

    Lusha da beast is my friend on fortnite

  • TopRagerLuke

    how do u get into bot lobbies 😭

    • TopRagerLuke

      Keliahiscool E but mccreamy is really good?

    • Keliahiscool E
      Keliahiscool E


    • Keliahiscool E
      Keliahiscool E

      TopRagerLuke you have to be bad at the game

  • Veronica Rivera
    Veronica Rivera


  • King Peanut
    King Peanut

    Earlier I hit and kill someone with a hunting rifle no-scope from 63 meters and I’m still in awe


    Challenge : no hunting rifel

  • Hilton Napoleon
    Hilton Napoleon

    how do I join xd

  • Olly Brocklehurst
    Olly Brocklehurst

    I did this in solos just not rainbow and I actually won with 2 gold hunting and 3 purple


    Creamy the whole game is about murder

  • Yarnell Deh
    Yarnell Deh

    Mcreamy: only 9 kills we need more. Me: leggoooo we got them to 50 health and almost killed him😁😁😁