goodbye xd clan
it's time to say goodbye... 😢
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  • McCreamy

    rip xd mccreamy

    • E Allen
      E Allen


    • Tamika Forrest
      Tamika Forrest

      McCree me rip XD

    • TOXSICK Logster
      TOXSICK Logster

      Start creamy clan

    • lonely army!!!!!
      lonely army!!!!!

      nooooooooooooo creamy

    • durp_playz

      Why u bully me

  • Box Catz
    Box Catz

    My first thing I say to SwEaTs in creative fill is “ will you go outside!”

  • E Allen
    E Allen


  • Michael Morrin
    Michael Morrin

    DUde the ali a laupgh should be in everyvideo and im sorry for the game being too sweaty( ehhhhemmm my brother cough cough )

  • Sunnex

    There isnt even an xd youtube channel

  • demir kaya
    demir kaya

    Its make me cry R.I.P xd Mccreamy :(

  • tuukka Kopra
    tuukka Kopra


  • Luca Federico
    Luca Federico

    3:47 McCreamy- OoOoOh he's got a gold sniper i'll take that doesnt even take it

  • Anderson Starr
    Anderson Starr

    Can you sub to Anderson starr

  • Anderson Starr
    Anderson Starr

    He can play Unvaulted

  • Ayan Farooq
    Ayan Farooq


  • nope 999
    nope 999

    i want to join xd clan though

  • Ismael Reyes
    Ismael Reyes

    why don't you have xd on your name lol,noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo we did good bye hunting rifle, fortnite on the worst possible graphics, and your epic face reveal don,t go ,oh no oh no oh no no no no no f**k

  • Sarah Flora
    Sarah Flora

    Don't make fun but I actually cried that's so sad.

  • Jonathan Onuskanich
    Jonathan Onuskanich

    McCreamy i know you don’t have Xd in your name but can I send you my clips of snipping and me on any social media please

  • One Percent
    One Percent

    nnnnnnooooooooo yuo dont leve XD nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Fallen

    3:48 McCreamy: Oh he’s got a gold sniper, I’ll take that **doesn’t take it**

  • Infinite fun
    Infinite fun

    Where at Fortnite’s funeral

  • Korey Hadley
    Korey Hadley

    No Xdmccreamy the memes have been good in xd but has to go:-( :-(

  • lil Brady Bloody
    lil Brady Bloody

    Want to join my freinds clan it’s called Breif I’m TTV Chance5709 luv to see u at tryouts if u want to join

  • Cheree van Wijk
    Cheree van Wijk


  • hamed alharbi
    hamed alharbi

    No if you do it I will dislike and I will leave the Xd clan

  • Nicholas Young
    Nicholas Young


  • Logan Fraser
    Logan Fraser

    Yeah I’m quitting XD ...... but I just got a discord sever come join 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Brovloski
    Kyle Brovloski

    Try to trick shot with a new account and see if you get better rng with no scope ez clickbait

  • Thewarpopsicle Gaming
    Thewarpopsicle Gaming

    Hey mccreamy I really want to play with you my epic is thewarpopsicle

  • Mohit Khullar
    Mohit Khullar

    no dont leave xd you are the best

  • AlphaOfGame

    Mccreamy I was joking around in the discord group and I jokingly said that I was 10 years old when I'm actually 16 years old an you please ask a mod to unban me please


    Who is here after he announced that he will stop uploading till season 5

  • Sire KBM
    Sire KBM

    I had xd in my name since I started playing fn without knowing about xd clan. And when I dound your video about xd clan I was so happy

  • Sire KBM
    Sire KBM


  • Pokemon Bros
    Pokemon Bros

    try to do rocket riding

  • Fe4R_ Skele
    Fe4R_ Skele

    I bet xd clan will come back

  • Krankzy

    I miss xd and all but how did you get that twerk emote in the intro

  • Christie Broome
    Christie Broome

    :creamy oh I see people .... OMG I SEE PEOPLE 🤣

  • Elliot Thompson
    Elliot Thompson


  • qt woke
    qt woke

    tweaks just not talking....

  • Nicholas Cohen
    Nicholas Cohen


  • Bernッ


  • Apollic Plays
    Apollic Plays

    He said he would take the sniper but he didn't 3:47

  • Atomsclap Stuff
    Atomsclap Stuff


  • the dragon legend
    the dragon legend

    What there are charge shotguns I don't get them ever

  • UU Nive
    UU Nive

    nooooooooooo im so sorry

  • Reese Tritle
    Reese Tritle

    its ok Mccreamy we still support you even i you leave xd clan just keep up the good work love you 👑😘❤️

  • Ryder Ingram
    Ryder Ingram

    "Oh he has a gold sniper I'll take that." Keeps his blue Bolt

  • YC_Gamer XD
    YC_Gamer XD

    idk that XD is a clan but i put XD in my name even though i’m not in the clan

  • Teague Grohoske
    Teague Grohoske


  • Jaydesor

    No hate McCreamy I love your vids just saying

    • Jaydesor

      @ThatOneGuy ooo ok

    • ThatOneGuy

      How is it hating when u love his vids that not an insult smh

  • Jaydesor

    Ok is it just me or is what he is saying about fortnite being sweaty unfair because he wins every game and has 0 ping. While I have 180 - 200 ping and win once in a while

  • Argamer17 B
    Argamer17 B


  • Jacob Lazare
    Jacob Lazare

    Who else didn’t hear tweaks the whole game besides last one

  • Super Owen
    Super Owen

    I joined your discord

  • Xx_Angry_Goose_xX

    Rip Xd clan

  • Scrapbox p1000 use code Litty
    Scrapbox p1000 use code Litty

    McCreamy is washed up

  • mia florian
    mia florian


  • mia florian
    mia florian

    Do you want to 1v1 me

  • Ambrose Mccall
    Ambrose Mccall


  • Nicole Hamilton
    Nicole Hamilton

    XD 4 life

  • Corey Johnson
    Corey Johnson


  • Haley Cook
    Haley Cook

    noooo omg

  • Blitz _z
    Blitz _z

    It's sad but we all new this would happen

  • Gaurav Basu
    Gaurav Basu

    RIP XD clan

  • Xzavion Nelson
    Xzavion Nelson

    Nooooooo why young creamy

  • Mr Happy
    Mr Happy

    New name ideas : Mc creamy, Purple boi, very creamy, whipped cream

  • Julio Stefano Datinguinoo
    Julio Stefano Datinguinoo

    This was posted on my Bday

  • contentforyou

    This was the og clan :(

  • XxSlippyxX 12
    XxSlippyxX 12

    Bring XD Clan to call of duty

  • Jakwane Wilson
    Jakwane Wilson

    This is a said moment

  • Cooper Morrison
    Cooper Morrison

    I changed my xbox name to have xd in it because of u

  • Hudson Steingart
    Hudson Steingart


  • Matt Taylor
    Matt Taylor

    im upset

  • Ahmedyar. Jamali
    Ahmedyar. Jamali

    Besides being funny mc reamy is a nice fortnite player

  • h1ghkd

    your in a game with tweaks

  • Knight Shadow
    Knight Shadow

    You can still no scope but now it’s a real challenge

  • iMickel AP2
    iMickel AP2

    Props brother that OG XD clan Video really was a game changer in the community back than! I went from comp player to tryna hit trick shots for a week straight lmao...

  • Icon Waves
    Icon Waves

    What is your Discord name it doesn’t show me

  • Braidyn Tables
    Braidyn Tables

    Its been a long day without Xd clan 🤧

  • Matthew Doran
    Matthew Doran


  • Matthew Doran
    Matthew Doran

    RIP xd clan

  • Matthew Doran
    Matthew Doran

    RIP xd I’m so sad I lagged so much when xd was around

  • Cesar Castruita
    Cesar Castruita

    Xd clan is a thing. xd is gone. xd clan is back and xd clan is gone

  • Owlboy_28

    xd clan made and then gone. The return of xd clan and now gone

  • Takoda justice George
    Takoda justice George

    I’m apart of xd clan well never end

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God


  • WolfGames 12
    WolfGames 12

    3:46 doesn't take the GOLD sniper

  • Ian Riddell
    Ian Riddell

    How in the world are there dang charges every where in this video

  • Sf Kyel
    Sf Kyel


  • D Wil
    D Wil

    RIP XD :(

  • The Rocket Gaming
    The Rocket Gaming

    Little did he know One shot came back :)

  • Hallucination Gaming
    Hallucination Gaming

    I’ve been apart of Xd since the beginning when you said all you have to do is put Xd in your name and your in

  • Mina

    3:17-3:21 why is that not in the mccreamy turns on aimbot video?

  • Maddogscott 386
    Maddogscott 386

    Mcreamy leaves XD clan Fortnite two weeks later time to bring back oneshot

  • Ethan Dimmie
    Ethan Dimmie

    goodbye XD Clan...😥

  • DeputyDarkKnight 13
    DeputyDarkKnight 13


  • warbrian30 _ YT
    warbrian30 _ YT

    The ali a meme tho🤣🤣

  • lrader77

    Invite cypher PK

  • lrader77

    This is me again Tim yes my comment said Can I play with you on

  • lrader77

    Hey Hey creamy if you want to play like honestly I wanna play with you invite greater 6259 because I really love your videos and let me know let me

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese

    rip xd McCreamy

  • Mr Cheese
    Mr Cheese


goodbye fortnite
2.9 mln