spooky scary ghoul trooper
I became the SCARIEST and SPOOKIEST ghoul trooper in Fortnite (scaring noobs)
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    "My accuracy is crap I'm not even trolling" proceeds to hit a nutty snipe XD.

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    Spooky scary ghoul trooper🎶🎶

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    Why didn’t he switch ars like ever in the match

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    Can anyone tell me how i lost my ghoul trooper and have to buy it again

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  • وش قصدك يوم ماتحط لايك هاا ترا حراكتك ذي خابرينها
    وش قصدك يوم ماتحط لايك هاا ترا حراكتك ذي خابرينها


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    Gino Estrada

    That explains it you said if you have an OG skin you get given llamas every game I HAD an OG skin And I kep getting Llamas until Apple banned fortnite :( reply F pls

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    Never been this late

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    So the pink ghoul trooper was out to the others who originally bought the item when I was young I didn't care about fortnite up until like season 5 then I bought my first battle pass

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    Did anyone notice he killed a renagade raider

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    I wish i was rich so i could buy ever Halloween skin i.I haven't rlly tried it but are people scared of renegade raider it mite work tbh Yo that renegade raider mite have been me nah im just playing but imagine getting killed by mccreamy

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    Spooky scary ghoul trooper Sends shivers down your spine Shrieking skulls will shock your soul Seal your doom tonight

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