fishing is overpowered...
this is overpowered and epic!!
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Mau ➜
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  • McCreamy

    like this comment for no reason 👍

    • Logan Clare
      Logan Clare


    • ethniidied

      play with mau again :c

    • 𝗘𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝗝𝗮𝘆 𝗕𝗿𝗼𝘄𝗻
      𝗘𝗱𝗲𝗻 𝗝𝗮𝘆 𝗕𝗿𝗼𝘄𝗻


    • Mariah Beachy
      Mariah Beachy

      Ok dude

    • Llama squad
      Llama squad

      Sounds good enough for me

  • Laura Knapp
    Laura Knapp


  • Team Toxic
    Team Toxic

    Ngl I caught a 104.8 cm Drift Hop Flopped

  • Seamus Wagg
    Seamus Wagg

    Challenge idea: harpoon only as a weapon, you can still use every healing item

  • Emma Hopkins
    Emma Hopkins

    I got a 111 Cm hop flop

  • AmberAlyse102

    To answer if you can fish in grass yes you can only if there’s a wild player tho

  • Shawna Smith
    Shawna Smith

    Hi can I have your username for fornite please

  • Leslie de Vries
    Leslie de Vries

    69 years of good luck im not on earth then anymore 🤣

  • Jake Cool
    Jake Cool

    Imagen bieing that guy who takes the L on someone who tOS not ever fightimg

  • Iren Jensen
    Iren Jensen

    Did you know you could drown in fortnite

    • Mum Frog
      Mum Frog


  • Koy McClean
    Koy McClean

    I've caught 3 midas floppers

  • Your Average Cat
    Your Average Cat

    Only if mau knew that a 100 cm hop flopper was a thing.

  • One punch man
    One punch man

    I caught a 103 centimeter hop flopper

  • Jameson Moore
    Jameson Moore

    I got a 106 inch hop flopper lmao 😆

  • Tonise Graves
    Tonise Graves

    I love the intro

  • the rainbow gamer
    the rainbow gamer

    I love how you can tell he photoshopped the Midas flopper into the thumbnail.

  • Invisible

    I really like the way he tries to lie by saying that he hasn’t got a solo win

  • Noodle Head
    Noodle Head

    Bruh Lazar did this so long ago

  • Chris Tetreault
    Chris Tetreault

    I love how it is intense music yet it is pubs LOL

  • dead cat lol
    dead cat lol

    Let's take a moment to realise he caches 2 midas flopers but not 1 vendeada flopor

  • Yeet Forever
    Yeet Forever

    I got a 106 cm thermal fish

  • Xavier Hamon
    Xavier Hamon

    Mccreamy u bot u should stay in slurpy and regen WHILE FISHING!

  • Roman Tyler
    Roman Tyler

    I’m your new no scoping competition

  • Hailey Mcshane Crawford
    Hailey Mcshane Crawford

    No lie I got 102.6 cm hop flop so you know world record right here baby

  • the godly sniper
    the godly sniper

    Fun fact:your not done watching the video

  • Stephan Harvey
    Stephan Harvey

    my friend has a 104 cm hop flopper its crazy

  • itachi blade clan killer
    itachi blade clan killer

    I watch creams videos CREAMS!!!!!!

  • Qt Mxlan
    Qt Mxlan

    Im sorry Tiko your family is getting taken apart

  • Luciano Plays
    Luciano Plays

    The end was like an action movie.

  • Yoandys Pelaez
    Yoandys Pelaez

    try and win with every skin you have challeng your choice just an idea

  • وش قصدك يوم ماتحط لايك هاا ترا حراكتك ذي خابرينها
    وش قصدك يوم ماتحط لايك هاا ترا حراكتك ذي خابرينها

    0:3 love😚😚😘😘😘😗😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚

  • 4PF Space ψ
    4PF Space ψ

    Help Help had me dead af

  • Asher Nagle
    Asher Nagle

    Thermal fish = legit aimbot

  • Mesut Rifat
    Mesut Rifat

    I’m 50 years old I can’t live for 69 years even if i did this is click bait is this what you do for life I feel bad for you kid

  • Linda Sambrooks
    Linda Sambrooks


  • Refill

    I have a 108.6 cemeater hop flop a

  • Aiden

    POV: your a small UZloadr Mcreamy:4:11

  • Christina Ledbetter
    Christina Ledbetter

    That one time when u want a win-

  • Donovan Taylor
    Donovan Taylor

    I'm starting to think McCreamy has aimbot

  • Donovan Taylor
    Donovan Taylor

    I have 8 hundred 42 wins in solo nope

  • Missed Me
    Missed Me


    • Missed Me
      Missed Me

      And 8:22

  • Squishy Fishy
    Squishy Fishy

    I have a 106 cm drift hop floppier

  • GamerPaxton

    mau: that's the biggest fish ever me: I caught a 102.8 centimeter hop flopper

  • Olivia

    Him : it’s gonna be such a easy win Him fighting: He dies…

  • Sportskids27

    Did anyone notice that he said like and 69 years of good luck. And he has 6.09 subs🤔

  • Yav Syed
    Yav Syed

    Who else thinks that creamy is the best sniper of all youtubers? 🔥❤️🙌🏽

    • Jake Cool
      Jake Cool


    • iiashii


  • Kendall Soto
    Kendall Soto

    i caght 102 hop flopper

  • Jacob Perritte
    Jacob Perritte

    Hipody hopidy fish are now propidy

  • Levi Dogs
    Levi Dogs

    Who also saw the vended flapper

  • marita !
    marita !


  • RG Xcotic
    RG Xcotic

    If anyon noticed he actually got the midas flopper

    • Gingy

      @RG Xcotic thx what was the time he caught it?

    • RG Xcotic
      RG Xcotic

      @Gingy yeah man y not

    • Gingy

      Sure can u support me?

    • RG Xcotic
      RG Xcotic

      @Gingy ok bro but can u pls support me also

    • Gingy

      Where please put in the time he caught it

  • zorgo DA GOAT
    zorgo DA GOAT


  • YSW Slim3
    YSW Slim3

    I pulled a Rare fish like a China fish I think I’m first but at least people will respect me that I pulled it

  • Delta

    You ate me...

  • Graham Hill
    Graham Hill

    Like this for no reason 👍

  • Ethan Zelem
    Ethan Zelem

    Mcreamy i got i 104.7 drift hop flopper my username is Insight-Sloth

  • Chicken_FTW

    tiko has left the chat

  • Maximillian Carruthers
    Maximillian Carruthers

    I know a good back bling

  • Blaze Exposed
    Blaze Exposed

    I have a 104.4 meter hop flopper so I have the record

  • Charz the great
    Charz the great

    6 MIL!!!!


    Wow 6M you are a god

  • FriendlySilver

    I got a 107 cm Drift hop flopper

  • DarkShadows OG
    DarkShadows OG

    MCcreamy: god can I have a scar God: ok what for? MCcreamy: so I can remove this 9:00

  • Shiba Squad
    Shiba Squad

    Is there not a golden flopper there? 3:45

  • Corbyn Norris
    Corbyn Norris

    Like the vid👍

  • Corbyn Norris
    Corbyn Norris

    Good music

  • Leo Kunttu
    Leo Kunttu

    I have 105.7 hop fish

  • Lazy potato Lover
    Lazy potato Lover

    I aLrEaDy gOt a wIn dUdE uH bRuH

  • Dream Awesome
    Dream Awesome

    The literal best sniper in the world

  • Assi BossgamerH
    Assi BossgamerH

    Commenting for no reason

  • Reuben On x games mode
    Reuben On x games mode

    In top left did any one notice that he put the Midas flopper in thumbnail

  • Andrew Henwood
    Andrew Henwood

    Did he just walk past a vendetta flop flop

  • itachi blade clan killer
    itachi blade clan killer

    I just love when you put fresh because he says yes a lot

  • XD Dylidang
    XD Dylidang

    I just got a 105 Cm hop flop

  • david magennis
    david magennis

    3:45 what fish is that

  • Šimon Diviš
    Šimon Diviš

    Whats the name of the song?

  • Spectral

    I actually got 2nd place by staying in storm all game, kinda nice i guess bit 1st would be the best flex ever

  • Calseoe

    1:46 this is going to be such an easy win

  • Christina Ramirez
    Christina Ramirez

    You're the best UZload or of all time

  • Moko Playz
    Moko Playz

    ToDaY iM cOmInG

  • Play Bizarre
    Play Bizarre

    Omg I did fishing only and won lol

  • GamerKing- -GOAT
    GamerKing- -GOAT

    Do another video hide and seek plz it’s been so long that you didn’t do one

  • Jude Gamble
    Jude Gamble

    I have 12 solo wins this season alone

  • Floris_FN

    WAIT! A black slurpfish ✊🏾

  • AV Ψ
    AV Ψ

    Yo mcCreamy I love your vids and watch them every day I wanna see you do a snipe off against dodeu like so he sees

  • ChenChen

    Nobody.... I.R.L flopper ; uwagh

  • Joanne Stanistreet
    Joanne Stanistreet

    You got the Venda flopper

  • Tundra ZR
    Tundra ZR

    11:05 epic gamer outro

  • _Izabella_ wilson
    _Izabella_ wilson

    3:45 I thought that was the mythical fishloo

  • Some Roblox Stuff! / Klapto
    Some Roblox Stuff! / Klapto

    I've caught a 99.6Cm Drift hop flopper

  • Amanda Zari
    Amanda Zari

    Non fishing

  • Amanda Zari
    Amanda Zari

    I have a solo win I got it today

  • Infra_Red Gamer
    Infra_Red Gamer

    3:31 is the best it made me laugh sooo much bro

  • Ryan McGill
    Ryan McGill

    It’s the fresh meme for me

  • Humna Rafiq
    Humna Rafiq

    Mcreamy: this is gonna be such a easy win System: nope we not making it hard u die Me:brush u legend

  • Shesha Prasad H
    Shesha Prasad H

    3:02 unintentionally I laughed 😂 lol Edit: also at 3:34😅😅😂😂

  • Hayden.181

    Anyone know the name of the bgm at 2:30?

  • Dallas Baxter
    Dallas Baxter

    Mc creamy:We just found a world record fish! Me:I have found a 101 meter flopper

  • Dallas Baxter
    Dallas Baxter

    For no reason

  • Hobbies With Devin
    Hobbies With Devin

    Did you know that if you shoot the fishing hole using the gun in on the boat, it will give you all of the fish in the spot.

flying all game
3.3 mln