i found the MYTHIC CHEST!
omg!! i can't believe it!!!!
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  • McCreamy

    like if you are an EPIC GAMER!!! 😎👍

    • Tommy XD
      Tommy XD

      I AM NOT A EPIC GAMER U R 😥🥺😎😄

    • lilgunner2006

      I An

    • Toxic Kadu
      Toxic Kadu

      Yes sir

    • Gxselle Playz
      Gxselle Playz

      I am

    • Money master
      Money master

      Do mythic gun

  • Archie Ellice
    Archie Ellice

    Hello MC

  • Connor Lmao
    Connor Lmao


  • Anna Timea 0615
    Anna Timea 0615

    BROOOOOOO once i killed funkzfresh too OMG

  • Nichola Robins
    Nichola Robins


  • MS MysticStar
    MS MysticStar

    Mythic ammo

  • Big CC
    Big CC

    Mandolirin sniper only

  • Venzyシ


  • Chrissy Moskal
    Chrissy Moskal

    You are so good at this game! I have been playing on and off for a while and I’ve gotten better then I was but I’m still just too slow, idk if playing on the computer is easier. I mean I’m playing on the PS4. Idk, I probably just suck lmao! Props to you though, definitely jealous of how amazing you are 😄

  • Aduckbitmyfinga Long
    Aduckbitmyfinga Long

    Nearly every video you have tweaks dude)”

  • fortnite god_ikonik
    fortnite god_ikonik

    Why do mcCreamy don't play with mau... What🤣🤣

  • Picklez_

    creamy: mythic chest that doesn't drop mythic me: bruh

  • Mike Oxmall
    Mike Oxmall

    So the one chest challenge?

  • Karen Fuller
    Karen Fuller

    You should only play fortnite with smg

  • Kyron Carter
    Kyron Carter


  • Anthony Rosta
    Anthony Rosta

    you came 4 4 mate

  • wendy sisco
    wendy sisco

    "This guys just building up!" *As Mccreamy continues to crank*

  • Devyn Farias
    Devyn Farias


  • Stelly Quicks ASMR
    Stelly Quicks ASMR

    McCreamy- fortnite is SUPER sweaty Also McCreamy- has a whole bot lobby 😝

  • PuppyKat33

    McCreamy you should be able to get different colored pumps

  • Frankfort Ace
    Frankfort Ace

    I’m saying stakinareia

  • Rusty Breather
    Rusty Breather

    Nah the best chest is the one at stark

  • Zaid qaisi
    Zaid qaisi


  • Allie Powell
    Allie Powell

    He got three more crash pads i cant believe u broke the ruulse

  • Allie Powell
    Allie Powell

    He cheated

  • Abdlwahid Aboumousa
    Abdlwahid Aboumousa

    McCreamy: Kills someone and next person he hits once and doesn’t die my aim is so bad. Me: Hit someone 20 times and still doesn’t die my aim is horrible!

  • Cooper Richards
    Cooper Richards

    Do only Mythics from stark planes

  • Defaulty

    Hi mc creamy i hope you notice me you are my fav yter and you always make me smile when i watch your videos :)


    I like How My Aim With a Pump Is Ok And With Other Guns Not So Good BUT WITH An AR My Friends And Other Ppl Are like CONTROLLA PLAYER!! Even Tho I Play In Switch 😂

  • GRpatriot11

    Bro you have such good content

  • Daniel Botros
    Daniel Botros

    mythic pickaxe do

  • vSLIM F0XI3
    vSLIM F0XI3

    everyone: gold scar look at his loot! McCreamy: Sniper look at his loot

  • Spletz

    He makes the game look easy

  • Jude DiBenedetto
    Jude DiBenedetto

    So you did the one chest challng

  • Craige Berg
    Craige Berg

    these mythical vids are bs

    • Anna Hunt
      Anna Hunt

      For real though. I love McCreamys videos, but he doesn't have to click bait so much like he does. Just title the video, ONE CHEST CHALLENGE!!!! (found a MYTHIC chest)!!!!!!


    I liked the video I love all your videos

  • Madeline CAPPS
    Madeline CAPPS

    You should land at stark because there's a chest thats really good pls 🙏 read

    • Anna Hunt
      Anna Hunt

      He legit did go to Stark lol.

  • Walt Gonz
    Walt Gonz


  • Walt Gonz
    Walt Gonz


  • sjj329

    I,m. A. God. At. Fortnite. Chi. Town. Wheezy. My. Fortnite. Name

  • Danny Linton
    Danny Linton

    Fortnite i sweaty but so are you

  • Sushigod

    They call me best jumper guy. 7:30

  • ICE610c 44
    ICE610c 44

    The only time creamy gets to guns he gets bots

  • McKayla O
    McKayla O

    did anyone notice at 9:27 he says “ver - ci - tile slice” instead of “vertical slice” bahahaha idk why but that was funny to me

  • Christian Cardoso
    Christian Cardoso

    I want to see some mythic only so do a mythic only challenge

  • Michael Csehi
    Michael Csehi

    Anyone know the music that goes "watch it watch it" in his videos, the hype beat one, I really wanna use it

  • バナナ


  • Potato Boss
    Potato Boss

    McCreamy:Borns McCreamy mom:HE IS ABOUT TO SAY MOMMY McCreamy:M-M-Mythic McCreamy mom: D":

  • Aiden Anderson
    Aiden Anderson

    You sound like fresh

  • Andrew Amos
    Andrew Amos


  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez

    Bro he got a head shot at the end well it's a trick shot and hot it THAT WAS COOL -_-

  • ダンゴかーん


  • Bronson Martin Martinez
    Bronson Martin Martinez

    I subscribed and turned on post notifications

  • ひかたま

    日本人 ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓→→→→→→→→→俺、この動画 ↓ おもろww

  • Koochan【こーちゃん】

    ぜ〇ふぃーから来た人 ↓

    • たけのこのサブ


  • Lucas M
    Lucas M

    Literally bringing back the season 3 one chest challenge.

  • - The Hopkins Family
    - The Hopkins Family

    MCcremy you are a cope mechanism for me because I get stressed out and I turn on my phone and I see your videos and I start to feel better

  • julius logan
    julius logan

    the mythic person

  • AwesomeEnterpriseInc

    The mythic default

  • Mica Merriman
    Mica Merriman

    I like how he said versatile instead of vertical

  • ILeave You
    ILeave You

    My first game I played again after 6 months I played with a friend my first chest I opened I got wolverines mythic is that rare?

  • spyros ioannidhs
    spyros ioannidhs

    You haven't done mythic drone

  • Fluffy 165
    Fluffy 165

    I am a UZloadr

  • Myles Cheeney
    Myles Cheeney

    Everyone has no shield Mcreamy finds some one with shields .dead.

  • Myles Cheeney
    Myles Cheeney

    Mcream da da da da da da da da da da da oh I lost him oh da da da da da got em

  • ZDawg 55
    ZDawg 55

    I player fortnite one chest challenge AND GOT A MYTHIC CHEST while watching this video

  • Jude_playz _10
    Jude_playz _10

    I was playing arena trios with my friends we landed at dooms and I opened a legendary chest and it had a golden pump my friend was like “can I have it I’m a god with pumps” and I said no have you seen mcreamy he’s better than tFue you should check him out and my friend now supports you a lot like me ❤️❤️❤️

  • Madelyn Tedder
    Madelyn Tedder

    You should do mythic gorger

  • Beano

    Oh yeah there are still rifts

  • Charlie Lewins
    Charlie Lewins

    Can you ad me

  • kei holmes
    kei holmes

    sub to mcreamy 😀😃😄😁

  • Bobby Little
    Bobby Little

    The mythic dropspot

  • Bodhi Windsor
    Bodhi Windsor

    what song is this 8:23

  • Bodhi Windsor
    Bodhi Windsor

    what song is this 7:26

  • Amina lazoja
    Amina lazoja

    who else is here for the thumb nail

  • Austin Owens
    Austin Owens

    Like and subscribe or you will never win another game of fortnite

  • The ham Man
    The ham Man

    Do a vid we’re u can’t build at all

  • ShadowBadger21

    Be the mythic banna

  • Venomous

    McCreamy said to like if I’m an epic gamer but I would have liked if he said to like if I’m an epic CREAMER

  • Myk The official
    Myk The official

    Thumbnail and title of video: “I found the mythic chest!” *shows a orange mythic like chest* The real video: *legit just him only using mythic chest.*

  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez

    Is it just me or did mccreamy replaced mau whit tweaks

  • Tezza4life

    8:04 wtf was that sound

  • Leagendery Gamer
    Leagendery Gamer

    I am epic already now I am legendary

  • Jasper Brickwood
    Jasper Brickwood

    i got a gold pump and scar out of a normal chest but still love you're vids keep up the good work

    • Daniel Botros
      Daniel Botros


  • It’s me Jase
    It’s me Jase

    I subscribe

  • Hail Hail
    Hail Hail

    Chop down all the trees in creative

  • ummm. kaylie
    ummm. kaylie

    Who else copped the lachy skin and used code lachy ? Lachys the best. McCreamy is a close second tho:/

  • Devin Sandoval
    Devin Sandoval


  • Hamza Ahmed Abdel Moneim
    Hamza Ahmed Abdel Moneim

    mccreamy looking at the telephone booth and says "i found them" like what?

  • elani gerland
    elani gerland

    Ta ta ta he said😂

  • Random Vaughn
    Random Vaughn


  • Ujwalplayzzz

    McCreamy: Mythic Fresh: THICC Lazarbeam: i WaNt 5 oF eM

  • Riley Thompson
    Riley Thompson

    Mythic Emote

  • Sam Campny
    Sam Campny


  • Atrocious Ace
    Atrocious Ace

    Mythic pump

  • Quickskits S
    Quickskits S

    Mythic ammo box only that ammo u get

  • John Edward
    John Edward

    Ive found about 100 of the chests.

  • ArKtic04

    I shall call thee CreamDaddy

  • Kelly

    reply to this what is better Fortnite or Among Us

  • Colin Skipper
    Colin Skipper

    Ah yes the king of not respecting his ankles 😂😂😂😂