the new mythic items are OVERPOWERED (season 4)
the new season 4 mythic items are OVERPOWERED!
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    How did he have a charge shotgun?Its vaulted right 🤔

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    KADE Johns

    They are having to much fun. Like if you agree

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    Austyn Ivy

    this battle pass is EDIT: THICCCCC GROOT

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    Adam Zayed

    he said one hit how many time's 4:12

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    0:08 looool

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    thicc storm lol

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    Ezthebeast pro

    I love how mcreamy nicknamed mau BOT

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    0:00 petition for this to be the real trailer 👇

  • GGlilb12

    Mcreamy when the season starts : these doctor doom gauntlets are insane . Mcreamy 3 months later: I hate doctor dooms gauntlets

  • FortnitePro 830
    FortnitePro 830

    He doesn't have iron man in the game

  • crazyfan359

    Why do PC players complain about controller aim but look at his aim he's hitting everything

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    Jose Reyes Robles

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    Brandt Holmgren

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    6m yay!!!!

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    B1aze Jax

    if there were hunting rifles this would be god season

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    Nxbxb Jdbxbd

    Iya ya Allah

  • Max Modern
    Max Modern

    4:10 lol he says he’s one hit then hits him 4 times

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    9 Bros

    Let’s be honest, they vaulted more items than they added.

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    Shadow_Of_Light 8

    "He's one hit!!" *4 35 tags later* "I got him I got him!" And apparently *spicy* means *slug*

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    its.Caleb_Gamin 201

    Mc Creamy Use The Groot Super Power To Heal


    4:10 mccreamy says he one tap and then proceeds to hit him 5 times

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    Sriram Cherith

    Iliked the video and I still cant find the vbucks

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    Fosters Fails

    I love the beginning

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    Karissa Simpson

    Nobody- absolutely nobody Creamy AWAHRWAAW MYTHIC CABBAGE AWAHAGAWA

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    AV Ψ

    The grooms bramble shield makes you heal btw Creamy

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    Pr0_player 6376

    0:08 is so funny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • 100 subs for rando comments?
    100 subs for rando comments?

    Epic: due to an issue we have disabled the mythics and mccreamy

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    CUZ IF IT’S FUN IT’S (now not) VAULTED I still hate Fortnite

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    War Chicken

    Grooms ball heals you and your teammates

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    He has mau nicknamed bot 😂😂

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    Ahh, this is what I like to see. Two man-children laughing and yelling at a game at probably 1:00 am.

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    Myles Koivisto

    She hulk kind of looks like rook from season five

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    fun fact: your not in full screen right now.

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    Dr doom is from fantastic for he’s a villain

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    mccreamy thiis is the best season ever fortnite oh ya theres no more huntings mccreamy this is the worst season ever

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    00:34 really hot butt cheeks

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    8:29 tiko must not see this😳

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    You can heal your self with the groot ball

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    He's attracted to female Fortnite skins

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    0:36 thicc 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    what's the name of the song he always uses?

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    If u youse the groot ball it will fill up your health

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    You a sweat mccreamy

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    0:4 me rushing to go to get ice cream

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    0:09 is why I came back

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    Angel boy for life

    *McCreamy u need to point at the floor when using the silver surfer MYTHIC* 😂😂

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    Yo u should try rocket ride with the power doom the power that u can throw a ball and also if u use this idea of mine could you shoutout me thx

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    Is mcreamy a kiwi?

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flying all game
3.3 mln