spooky scary skull trooper
very scary!!
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  • McCreamy

    very spooky 👻

    • August Husebø storky27
      August Husebø storky27

      How did he get the purpal scoole trooper

    • Foxglove Bumblebee
      Foxglove Bumblebee


    • Ninja the Fazbear's Pizza
      Ninja the Fazbear's Pizza


    • Play Space
      Play Space

      Why everyone u killed named player and numbers?

    • Code Tiko
      Code Tiko

      Can I join xd

  • Rob Gunther Rivera
    Rob Gunther Rivera


  • Winter Moon
    Winter Moon

    mcreamy was just like TaH tAh TaH tAh when killing this dude

  • Erin Wingard
    Erin Wingard

    Can you do some solid gold videos please McCreamy.

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer

    I really wanted the purple skull Trooper but I didn't have a console to play fortnite on it season 1 so sad but I am level 200 so at least I'm not a noob

  • ReniTube

    Electro shuffle baby

  • Jery Prideaux
    Jery Prideaux

    or your eyes are good

  • Jery Prideaux
    Jery Prideaux

    you awlways found a lama when you drop or in the battele bus awlways see s lama you are lucky

  • Ammar Almaani
    Ammar Almaani

    my god spooky 😈👻

  • Aiden Meyrick
    Aiden Meyrick

    Revenge of the purple skull trooper cuz fortnite didn’t bring the purple one back

  • Cookie Dog
    Cookie Dog

    im not joking

  • Cookie Dog
    Cookie Dog

    he killed me :(

  • Aadam Amjad
    Aadam Amjad

    Ayo what up

  • Lysset Wynn
    Lysset Wynn


  • Alfie Robertson
    Alfie Robertson


  • Cool bananas 76
    Cool bananas 76

    0:00 👁👄👁🔫

  • De Rob
    De Rob

    I wonder 💭 how he is the blindest skull trooper in Fortnite when he literally spots a llama from 3000000 meters away

  • HerobrineXGaming

    McCreamy: loads in to UZload studio looks at how many that watch his video that aren’t subbed McCreamy: eRrOr

  • Xd it’s Flying
    Xd it’s Flying

    Good rime

  • Xd it’s Flying
    Xd it’s Flying

    QGood rime

  • Turzurae YT
    Turzurae YT

    When your at 6 mil but you still ask for subs: -vibe check gun-

  • Andrew Skrobanski
    Andrew Skrobanski

    You did not get the lamaa

  • Zeke the freak
    Zeke the freak

    Can’t play pubs anymore because all you find are robots and extreme sweats in arena

  • greenboy

    6.09 “69” noice

  • Houli _Splat
    Houli _Splat

    I’m really scared now

  • Raiden Evans
    Raiden Evans

    My guy has Resident Evil 7 goop on him in the thumbnail

  • Regular-_- Michelle
    Regular-_- Michelle


  • Jacob Perritte
    Jacob Perritte

    Spooky spooky skull trooper 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️💀👻👻👻👻😈😈

  • iixwy

    i hope u know that purple skull trooper is coming back.. lol

  • Avacado toast
    Avacado toast

    I LOVE you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • cooldudestickman123 also known as Nathan
    cooldudestickman123 also known as Nathan

    Shut up is the same person

  • Bendy Creepypasta
    Bendy Creepypasta

    How many skins do u have???

  • Octo Mason
    Octo Mason

    I'm not an og skull but I had it since season 6

  • Khalil Frieson
    Khalil Frieson

    There’s no way he has that many wins and still gets soooo many bots in his game I literally barely come across bums this man usually fights bots smh🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Dixie Culwell
    Dixie Culwell

    i love your vidios

  • Play Space
    Play Space

    Why everyone u killed named player and numbers?

  • sauce man _123
    sauce man _123



    I 💞 your code

  • A H
    A H

    Lol did any one notice when he his teammate needed a mek it from being low mccreamy had a med kit and didn't give it to him😂

  • Cooper Gamer
    Cooper Gamer

    Only if haunted hills was still in fortnite

  • Nick- Andre
    Nick- Andre


  • Keith Crawford
    Keith Crawford

    Can you turn anti aliasing on ultra

  • Marlene Villanueva
    Marlene Villanueva


  • Chase Dennison
    Chase Dennison

    " OK double revolver, I'm about to take it back to season 2". Just got to love creamy.

  • Ok

    Plz tell me: am i the only one where my item shop is that new one where you scroll down instead of side-to-side? I swear everyone else I see has it the old item shop so I’m so confused

  • Round Chonker
    Round Chonker

    Toxic skull trooper 😼

  • abas mj
    abas mj

    can u stop using gods name in vain

  • Bubbly FC
    Bubbly FC

    He bullied the memers that were dancing with the henchmen 😭😭😡

  • Joseph Hamiel
    Joseph Hamiel


  • Wedmenyui

    How they done to make the skull trooper twerk at the beginning? LOL HAHAA

  • Neo's Content
    Neo's Content

    Spooky scary skulleton

  • Keon Moore
    Keon Moore

    Me tries to go double pump with revolvers

  • Alexander Scandalis
    Alexander Scandalis

    Fortnite trash

  • Ethan Campbell
    Ethan Campbell

    Love Creamy’s sound effects lmfao

  • itsmerebel

    There adding back purple skull in pink ghoul

  • Mr Sir
    Mr Sir

    8:04 😂😂😂

  • Skek-Fortnite

    Skull good skull yeet

  • mad trunks
    mad trunks

    spooky scary skellotens

  • Michelle Faulkinbury
    Michelle Faulkinbury


  • Liam Kelly
    Liam Kelly


  • Shelly Marlin
    Shelly Marlin

    I had a purple pump and this bot shot me one time with a blue pistol and I head shot him right in his face and I won

  • Spyr0l

    can u unban me from ur discord

  • Mohammed Bahrainwala
    Mohammed Bahrainwala

    Please add me McCreamy I am subscribed and it all videos liked and notification bell on

  • Kat

    I liked but where is my 69 years of good luck

  • Bummbr

    I just missed it, I’m so sad, I rrly wanted it sad

  • food fight folksy
    food fight folksy

    When you don't have a friend who has purple skull

  • Eli RGYT
    Eli RGYT

    They better bring it back again cuz I want to get it.

  • BOTB9I77 t
    BOTB9I77 t

    Subscribed since season 4

  • Noobspartan

    I was so mad when the prginal trooper was change to purple:( Purple sucks

  • twobakercrew FN
    twobakercrew FN

    I think i have good wifi and then I get this noti 4days late

  • Skull Trooper
    Skull Trooper

    I saw your face reaval

  • LaserRay_21

    Now I can be Myth lol

  • Bille Vangstrup
    Bille Vangstrup

    Look at this 02:00

  • Michael Charles
    Michael Charles

    Pink and purple skull are coming back

  • Falcon on YT
    Falcon on YT

    The boss of the meme’s the one and only XD mcreamy

  • Jio K
    Jio K

    I liked the intro

  • Jacob Linford
    Jacob Linford

    Why is epic bringing back OG skins

  • Wild Streak
    Wild Streak

    I am new skull trooper y u bully me

  • New Nebraska
    New Nebraska

    McCreamy:I can’t hit a shot His kills: -_-

  • Theo williams
    Theo williams


  • Andreas Boesdal
    Andreas Boesdal

    Why are you name not xd McCreamy

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M

    spooky season

  • Sander Pikoulin
    Sander Pikoulin

    2:51 California Challenge

  • Filthy Philip
    Filthy Philip

    Im here

  • Maddox Willetts
    Maddox Willetts

    The day of the doctor dooms

  • Qt_Trouble

    Literally 99% of you won't see this: you're amazing. Stay safe during these times and have an amazing day 💖❤️💜♥️

  • Kyle Pickard
    Kyle Pickard

    Gg hi


    The combat got buffed in the update

  • Clxtch_squidd 16
    Clxtch_squidd 16

    the HUGE percentage of ppl who aren't subbed probably dont have YT accounts and CANT sub lol

  • S C S
    S C S

    So many spirits in that mansion

  • Vjollca Gjoni
    Vjollca Gjoni


  • Joseph Picard
    Joseph Picard

    Spooky scary skeletons

  • N8

    sO ScArY

  • SAVY Scarlett
    SAVY Scarlett

    Why do you like the skull trooper

  • Kevin_0609

    says combat bad but little did he know update day lol

  • PDB clan
    PDB clan

    100k like is ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gha zi
    Gha zi

    The combat was like 50 head shotthis vid bt after 2 days its O P

  • DARK


  • Px Johnny
    Px Johnny

    Happy early Halloween 🎃

  • BlizzardFN

    I thought it was a song